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Zoe Sugg – Famousss.com Zoe Sugg – Famousss.com

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Also known as

Zoe Sugg



Birth Place

Lacock, Wiltshire, England

Birth Sign




Net Worth



5' 4"

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Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (born: March 28, 1990 [age 28]), is best known as the person behind the huge United Kingdom beauty brand, Zoella. Sugg is a blogger for her website, zoella.co.uk, and has over 12 million YouTube subscribers.

Currently, Zoe produces one video each Sunday on her main channel. From there, she created a supplemental channel to feature vlogs and bloopers from her main station. This extra channel is called MoreZoella.

Most of her content surrounds the beauty world. However, she also speaks about her struggles with anxiety ad offers way to cope. Zoe gives many lifestyle tips in her vlogs. In 2014, she won a UK Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Award for Favourite Vlogger.

Since growing as a YouTube star, Zoella has parlayed that into the book world. Sugg has produced three novels all part of one franchise she owns the rights to. They are called Girl Online, Girl Online: On Tour, and Girl Online: Going Solo.

It’s been revealed that Zoe’s ghostwriter wrote the entire Girl Online book. This caused her to take a brief hiatus after Girl Online so she could pen the sequel herself.

Besides books, Zoe also has her beauty line called Zoella Beauty. She is constantly formulating and releasing new products to further strengthen her brand’s presence in the cosmetic industry.

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