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This black-haired, brown-eyed YouTube star is known for his ASMR videos. Zach Choi is an avid fan of Hot Cheetos and has known to use them as breadcrumbs when making meals for his content. The official Zach Choi ASMR YouTube channel has over 11 million followers, making Zach Choi one of the most popular Famousss stars

Zach Choi ASMR Net Worth

Zach Choi has a net worth of $2,000,000. He earns a substantial amount of ad revenue from YouTube ads. His channel has over 11 million subscribers. There is a lot of money to be made in ASMR. That’s why stars like DizzyKitten and Pokimane have also given this type of content a try!

The most popular video on his channel is MOST POPULAR FOOD FOR ASMR with STEPHANIE SOO (Honeycomb, Aloe Vera, Tanghulu, Macarons). This video was released on May 23, 2019, and as of January 2021 has over 71 million views!

While Stephanie Soo played a large role in his success, they would eventually have a falling out. So, be sure to remember her name!

Zach Choi’s Family and Early Life 

Zach Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea. He doesn’t speak much about his family or upbringing. In fact, Choi isn’t even his real last name. It’s the name he goes by. We haven’t found out Zach Choi’s real name yet. 

As a child, he was very into watching mukbang. This Korean television content involves a host sitting around an audience while eating a lot of food. The host will interact with the audience. Naturally, this type of conversation causes some of the slurps and chews of the host to be picked up on microphones. 

At an early age, Zach found these sounds soothing. He started to learn more about ASMR. Eventually, this would all lead to a lucrative life in the United States for Zach Choi.

Zach Choi’s Rise to Fame 

Zach Choi knew he would never achieve the success he was longing for if he were to stay in South Korea. So, he embarked on a journey to the United States, landing in Los Angeles, California. 

Like anyone in the entertainment industry, Zach had to pay his dues. He supplemented his income while pursuing his dreams by working as a waiter. 

Zach knew he wanted to be in content creation in some fashion. So, he decided to become a fashion blogger on the side. He started the website, which is no longer active. 

The site focused on the latest fashion trends. He would cover news or write his opinion about new releases from some of the biggest names in fashion. 

This website didn’t gain a lot of traction. However, it allowed Zach the opportunity to explore some of his interests and talents.  

Zach Choi opened his YouTube channel on July 5, 2014. However, he would release his first post four years later. ASMR Eating Duck Fat French Fries (NO TALKING) was released on August 3, 2018. As of January 2021, this video has over 62,000 likes and 1,800,000 views. 

Zach Choi’s Relationships

Zach Choi likes to keep his personal life private. However, he did confirm in February 2020 that he was in a relationship. The now-deleted Instagram post was a picture of himself and a female with the caption:

Burger King with bae.” 

He tagged @fairyalexx in the post. Many people wonder if they are still together. The ASMR video he alluded to and the social media post are both no longer available.

Zach Choi Rumors and Controversies 

Zacho Choi likes to keep his private life private. So, he was very upset when he got exposed in a dust-up between Stephanie Soo and his BFF, Nicholas Parry (aka Nikocado Avocado). 

Nickocoado and Zach made a lot of content together, including ASMR Nuclear Fire Noodles. As of January 2021, this video has almost 35,000,000 views and 592,000 likes. 

Stephanie Soo is a well-known mukbang content creator. She partnered with Nickocado to create a video together. However, that video would never see the light of day.

During the recording, Nickocado kept asking questions about a potential fallout between Stephanie and YouTube creator Veronica Wang. Stephanie tried skirting the question, but Nicholas insisted. He would even bring up how Veronica claims Stephanie made her uncomfortable.

Stephanie pulled the plug on this video shoot, which upset Nickocado. He would follow up the situation with a string of texts. 

She would post a video called Why I Am Scared Of Nikocado Avocado. This video showed surveillance footage of herself having a breakdown after getting a text from Nickocado. A month later, she would even create a video called How Nikocado Manipulated All Of Us.

Nik denied everything in these videos. He would then turn to Zach for backup. Nickocado revealed texts from Zach Choi in a video called re: Stephanie Soo

In the texts, Zach said to Nik,

“I’m not involved in the drama but I’ll help out wherever you need me to lol.”

This personal information being shared upset Zach. He lashed out in a series of now-deleted tweets where he said he never gave permission for his texts to be shared. 

He also said he had nothing to do with this fight and that he collaborated with Stephanie after she had a fallout with Nickocado. So, he isn’t on Nik’s side like Nicholas suggests in the re: Stephanie Soo video. 

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Zach said he and Stephanie are pursuing legal action against Nickocado. 

Other Notable Facts About Zach Choi

His favorite food is Hot Cheetos. He creates a lot of content involving Hot Cheetos breadcrumbs. 

They’re used to make:

In videos, he drinks a lot of Sprite. That also adds to his ASMR. He absolutely hates pickles, which is a staple in the ASMR community.

Zach admits to having plastic surgery. He one nose job and two eye jobs. 

His trademark outfits include a black cap and black clothes. He never speaks in his videos. 

Zach successfully completed the Chicken Nugget Challenge. You must eat 60 nuggets that are as close to the McDonald’s Chicken McNugget as possible. The goal is to eat them as quickly as you can. In the video *ASMR* McDonalds 60 CHICKEN NUGGET CHALLENGE (Auzsome Austin’s) No Talking | Zach Choi ASMR, he finished in 26 minutes. 

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