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Hannah Rutherford

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Hannah Rutherford has been growing her YouTube fame since 2009, where she not only launched her own YouTube channel and gaines 1.2m subscribers but is also a prominent member of the YOGSCAST channel (network of channels and a media production company that offers reviews of all types of video games). She is a PC gamer at heart but loves to dabble in consoles from time to time.

Hannah strives to upload daily gameplay videos, ranging from indie titles to massive AAA productions. If you miss her live Twitch streams don’t worry as the edited versions of those streams usually end up on her YouTube channel anyway. You can catch her live streaming on Twitch 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

The love for her cat is pretty obvious, as she dedicates a lot of her merch to her furry little friend. Check it out here.

Fun fact- the username “Lomadia” was chosen because it means “grace” in Elvish and the name “Hannah” also means grace in Hebrew.

YogsLomadia Pictures

Although very busy with her YouTube fame, Hannah makes lots of time to involve herself in fitness activities. She likes to post action pics and even videos of various workouts for her fans as motivation. It is also no surprise when we see several pics of her cats as well.

YogsLomadia Videos

You can expect the majority of uploads on Hannah’s YouTube channel to be gaming related. From Resident Evil to Kingdom Hearts, Hannah plays a good variety of games and does not just stick to a single one or two, to cater more to a wider population of her fans.

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