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Kim Richards

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Starting her career as a freelance editor for YOGSCAST, Kim became a full-time content producer in 2013 and created her YouTube channel at this point as well. She now has 684k subscribers on this YouTube channel, where you can find multiplayer madness with the rest of the Yogscast, story-driven games, horror playthroughs and a bit of Minecraft! Her game of choice to live stream over Twitch is Overwatch.

In January 2017, Kim announced she was going to put a hold on any YouTube uploads (on her own channel anyway) and focus more on her Twitch live streaming. She said she would still post the odd travel vlog or material alike but the majority of her gaming content on YouTube would be coming to an end and saving it for Twitch. At the very least, you can catch her in any videos associated with the Yogscast team. You’ll know it’s her because she is famous for scarfing back a bowl of noodles on camera from time to time.

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Kim loves food and culture, and especially loves to explore both of those in regards to her Malaysian background. If you want a good taste of either, check out Kim’s Instagram.


Kim promises to post the occasional vlog on her YouTube channel as she hasn’t been keeping up with it over the past year too much. Be sure to keep an eye out for what Kim has in store for the future, but in the meantime, check out her Twitch streams and Yogscast appearances.

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