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Felipe Noronha

Also known as




Birth Place

Santana, São Paulo City, São Paulo State, Brazil

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Felipe Noronha (Born September 16, 1995 [Age: 23]) is known to the streaming world as the vlogger, Yoda. This eSports player comes from a military family. Interestingly enough, both of parents were members of the armed services. Noronha comes from a northern region of São Paulo City known as Santana, which is in São Paulo State, Brazil.

Yoda started his streaming career playing League of Legends. His began his livestreams back in June of 2014. Quickly becoming the best Brazilian player to play the character Katarina, Yoda joined Team LegendsBR.

As he became such a dominant Katarina player, Yoda has been unable to pick her in recent competitions. That’s because the other team has a tendency to ban her first.

Yoda’s personality is what has garnered him such a loyal following. He has many catchphrases such as:

  • “aqui é trabalho” ([this right] here is work)
  • “ce ta de brinquedo” (You are toying [joking])
  • “é o quê?” (what?)
  • “GG bom jogo” (akin to “Good game, good game” after a ball game)
  • “lagou aqui, lagou aí?” (lagged here, lagged there?)
  • “sêloiro” (you’re crazylond, mix of “crazy and blond”)
  • “vem pro duelo” (come to the duel)

Since his TeamLegendsBR days, Yoda has moved on to Submarino Stars. He has also branched out in the streaming universe by starting the SehLoiro Network. This station is a network of streamers and content creators. It features League of Legends but other games as well.

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