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Yasmin Uddin

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West Yorkshire, England

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Yammy is yet another cute 24-year-old British gamer who is widely known for streaming Minecraft and Roblox creations. She is also the creator and one of the members of the “Pixel Pact,” a group of female YouTubers that brings together some of the most talented ladies in the Minecraft era to provide their audience with stellar entertainment.

It seems of lately she has been more into Gacha Games. Never heard? Me neither and to be honest, the only way to really understand it is to just check out her YouTube channel link in this page. It may be kind of odd but Yammy’s commentary make it absolutely hilarious and bearable to watch, even for those who have never heard of it before!

Yammy Pictures

With or without her big, round glasses, Yammy is a true beauty. Not many people could rock a color hair like that (not sure if it is pink or purple yet), but she sure can. She loves posing for the camera, and even features her cute kitty in a bunch as well.

Yammy Videos

Although the majority of her YouTube videos are Minecraft related, you will find others dealing with some of her other favorite games like the ones listed above. Her commentary is hilarious and the English accent along with her pink hair just makes her videos even easier to watch.

Yammy loves her Gacha videos as of lately and after watching some myself, they are actually hilarious. Give it a watch!

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