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Janet Rose

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Toronto, Canada

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“i hope one day i get better at not trying to please everyone 🙃 but for now i just suffer from feeling like it’s never enough.”

She doesn’t feel like enough. We’d like to feel her to see if she is. However, we have a feeling we can handle more than enough (and then some) of xChocoBars. We know her as that, but her family and friends know xChocoBars as Janet Rose. Let’s get to know her a little better, shall we?

xChocoBars Life Before Gaming

You can tell by looking at her, xChocoBars has an Asian in her bloodline. She has a father who lives in China. However, she is a lifelong Canadian resident. While she grew up in the Big White North, she didn’t deny her heritage. In fact, she was raised with many of the same customs and norms that her ancestors followed.
Janet is proud her family and embraces their culture. In fact, the star can even speak Shanghainese. The language has been used by her family members since she was born and is commonly spoken around the household.

With that being said, the native English speaker can’t do much more than speaking her ancestral language. She openly admits that she can’t read, nor can she write the Hu language. This is a dialect that is a variation of traditional Wu Chinese.

Janet Rose started off modestly. Like many typical high school graduates, Janet enrolled herself into college. Immediately, she thrust herself into the early childhood education program.

Like most gamers, she supplemented her studies with playing video games. Eventually, the passion to play overruled her dying desire to teach little ones.

Part of this decision had to do with Janet’s personality. She doesn’t like to speak in front of a lot of people. When she streams, it’s just her and a camera. Being onscreen allows her to connect to more people without the anxiety of presenting herself in an open forum. These worries are what helped her decide to drop out of school. She decided to pursue a career full-time in gaming and decided to jump in with both feet first.

xChocoBars League of Legends YouTube Page

Janet grew up playing video games in the Great White North. The Chinese-Canadian star was born and raised in  Toronto, Ontario. To this day, she calls America’s neighbor home.

Trapped in the cold, Janet decided to open up a YouTube account. She figured this would be a great way to connect with other video games enthusiasts. Plus, at the time, the gaming world was on the verge of a boom that we are enjoying to this very day.

Striking right before the burst, Janet Rose launched the xChocoBars YouTube page that has gained her the notoriety she currently enjoys. The account was officially launched on August 3, 2013. Shortly after, the future star dropped her first video. In hopes to gain some extras, the gamer decided to go with a suggestive title. The supposed expletives let the world know that Janet Rose was here and she wasn’t afraid to play dirty. We all watched in awe as s he released, “what the #@!# is going on.” The date was November 17, 2013 and we have been watching Janet Rose since.

what the #@!# is going on” was dropped during an infamous period in League of Legends gaming history. It was her commentary on the 3.17 patch release that saw a number of changes to the format and characters. This release saw the rise of Betset and a number of new skins. It also caused an influx of views on the xChocoBars YouTube page.

Suffice to say; this hottie’s clickbait title and relevant content was a hit. Her video massed over 6.6K videos. Janet Rose was off to the races and she never looked back.

xChocoBars Gaming Type

She’s not hard on the eyes, but Janet rose is sure as hell hard to beat in League of Legends. The star has a self-professed macromanagement mindset when it comes to advancing the League of Legends ladder.

Rose says she likes to look at the big picture of the game. From there, she takes calculated risks and considers a full-fleshed strategy before making any harsh moves.

Her strategy methods have caught the imagination of her followers. They started tuning in not just for her beauty, but for her brains too.

Her macro style to playing has advanced the star quite fast up the League of Legends rankings. Currently, she is in the Diamond League.

xChocoBars YouTube Growth

Janet saw immense growth on her YouTube channel. Naturally, this pushed the star to diversify her portfolio. For one, she parlayed her success over to a different platform that allowed people to pay her directly, rather than through ad revenue like YouTube. This platform was Twitch.

Due to her growing Twitch page, xChocoBars decided to upload content featuring more than just her paying the same old League of Legends that brought her to dance.

Instead, she started streaming different games on Twitch, including:

  • Hearthstone
  • Fortnite

While she continued to do League of Legends and video gaming content on YouTube, she started putting most of that material directly on Twitch. Instead, she focused the YouTube channel on providing commentaries. One of her most popular playlists on YouTube is simply called, “Chatting.”

xChocoBars Endorsements

When you look this food and are that good at gaming, you are bound to make some dough. Our girl has a net worth of over $500,00. A majority of this money comes from her Twitch and YouTube streams. However, the star has caught the eyes of some niche companies that have landed her some pretty hefty endorsement deals.

Her most prominent deal is with Japan Crate. This Tokyo-based subscription service send a monthly crate of goodies brimmed with Japanese culture each month.

That means this Chinese-Canadian gaming sensation endorses Japanese items including:

  • Candy
  • Snacks
  • Chocolate
  • Soda
  • Other Beverages

In addition to hocking food, xChocoBars also promotes gaming and streaming equipment. Janet Rose entered an  agreement with Republic of Gamers. Republic of Gamers provides Janet with the equipment she needs to successfully stream her popular channel.

xChocoBars Personal Life

Since she has dominated the League of Legends field, xChocoBars turned to another game to find love. The star became smitten with Hearthstone gaming sensation, Disguised Toast.

Disguised Toast, also known as Jeremy Wang, has been with Janet Rose since 2018. He rarely features her in videos. However, the twosome take many Snapchat-inspisred photos hoots and post them all throughout social media. So, they are definitely still feeling each other. Guess they just want to separate business from pleasure. When it comes to Janet Rose, we want both!

Apparently, Janet does too. She’s starting to feature Wang in more of her videos. One of the most popular was on June 1, 2018. The duo uploaded a stream of the farming simulation game, Stardew Valley. The twosome looked at the indie game in-depth.

They showed off some of the features of the game and offered some strategies to those who were interested in playing as well. While the game didn’t set the world on fire, their chemistry was on full display, and hard to deny.

There is more to xChocoBars’ personal life than her man. She also has a close relationship with her family. In fact, the star took a sabbatical from streaming in 2017. She flew out on a last minute flight to China to be with her ailing father. On April 7, 2017, the star took to Twitter to announce her father’s health had stabilized. Seeing that he was going to be okay, Janet decided it was time to pack up and head back to the States.

After seeing him through some tough times, Janet moved back to the States, to Los Angeles, California. In the land of YouTube streamers, xChocoBars decided to move in with Starsmitten. Janet is also very good friends with fuslie and Pokimane.

XChocoBars Pictures

xChocoBars has that lady in the streets, freak in the sheets vibe that we love. She comes off a schoolgirl who is shy. However, further  investigating her pictures, and you see an animal looking to let loose. 

For the most part, Janet just posts selfies. However, she sometimes treats us to gaming posts and our favorites–shots of her in bed.

Still a little confused how someone like Disguised Toast can land a hottie like xChocoBars? Yeah, we are too. However, we can still drool and use our imagination.

XChocoBars Videos

xChocoBars is a League of Legends enthusiast. She offers tons of insights on her strategies, her current league levels, and provides running commentaries.

You’ll notice that many of her most popular videos feature her bf, Disguised Toast. Unfortunately for her, he doesn’t focus much of his content around Janet. If there’s trouble in paradise, we’d love to be your new co-star, Janet!

As hot as she is, she’s even cooler. You’ll fall in love with her personality and game playing skills. However, her looks most definitely don’t ruin the viewing experience.

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