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Daryl Hennegan (born: June 17, 1989 [Age: 30]) is a professional Twitch streamer and member of the Team SoloMid clan. During his time with Team SoloMid, Daryl pulled double duty. Not only did he act as a sub for the team but ended up being the top laner for Team SoloMid Evo.

Wingsofdeathx Early Beginnings 

Daryl went to the University of California, Irvine. During his time there, he studied Computer Science. This field was apropos as Hennegan was unknowingly poised for a lifetime in front of the camera, playing video games. While he gamed, it wasn’t his number one hobby. Hennegan remained dedicated to his studies. He graduated his Computer Science courses, earning himself a Bachelor’s Degree from the university.

Wingsofdeathx first rose to fame when League of Legends first blew up. His YouTube account dates back to 2010, where the streamer attempted to provide commentary to uploaded games. While League of Legends would be what launched Wingsofdeathx to the top of Twitch streams, his first love was World of Warcraft.

In between raid downtimes on World of Warcraft, Daryl would try his hand at League of Legends. Slowly but surely, these videos gained Hennegan a sizable following. Furthermore, playing League of Legends and the outpouring of support this game brought won the streamer’s heart over. It eventually became the primary game he would base his content upon.

Wingsofdeathx and League of Legends

While his love for League of Legends prompted him to multimillionaire status, it wasn’t love at first sight. It took Daryl up to 14 months to transition from World of Warcraft to League of Legends full-time. Bitten by the League of Legends bug, Wingsofdeathx confirms that Lee Sin is his favorite character in the popular game.

He came up with the Wingsofdeath name as a nod to Starcraft I. Originally, Daryl applied for the name Wingsofdeath. However, the name was already registered. Therefore, he opted to put an x at the end. This x was to serve as a placeholder until the day the Wingsofdeath name opened up. Unfortunately, it never did. However, the x never deterred Daryl from becoming a much bigger star than the Wingsofdeath name holder.

His first competition as a League of Legends fanatic came in 2011. He was picked up by Team No Clue in March 2011. As a member of Team No Clue, Wingsofdeathx joined the Newegg Summer Wanfest. This endeavor saw Team No Clue come in third place. This was the first of many competitions for Wingsofdeathx. He was hooked and ready to make some real earnings as a competitive gamer.

Wingsofdeathx and Team SoloMid

Wingsofdeathx’s first major breakthrough into the competitive sports world came on April 24, 2012. At that time, Daryl joined the group Epik Gamer. At the time, Epik Gamer was looking to replace Westrice. The popular streamer had recently left the clan and they were in need of a new top laner. At first, Wingsofdeathx was supposed to be a short-term replacement for Westrice, but things ending up taking a different turn. This turn worked out far better for Wingsofdeathx in the long run.

SoloMid.Net ended up purchasing the Epik Gamer roster not longer after they acquired WingsofdeathX. This action was a blessing for the gamer. With a solid laner under contract, Team SoloMid created a spinoff team. The second team, Team SoloMid Evo, locked Daryl in as their permanent laner.

While he was on cloud nine, Daryl did hit a speed bump in his rise to success. Not too long after coming together, Team SoloMid Evo entered the Season Two NA Regionals. This outing would prove fatal for the group. After they lost in the annual competition, Team SoloMid Evo disbanded.

Wingsofdeathx and Team SoloMid Future

The breakup of Team SoloMid Evo was a heavy hand for Daryl. However, Hennegan wasn’t left out in the cold. Team SoloMid decided to keep the player around as a sub. He now fills in for TSM Snapdragon.

Further filling his time, Daryl subs for other formidable teams as well. He served as a substitute for Team Dignitas during Season Three of the NESL Pro Series. Coming full circle, Wingsofdeathx also served as a substitute in a reboot of Epik Gamer. They attempted unsuccessfully to enter season three through a qualifier.

In 2013, Daryln was asked to play in the IGN ProLeague SXSW All-Stars. This would serve as the star’s last competitive endeavor. He has since switched over to a successful streaming enterprise. His Twitch page has thousands of followers and he makes money off merchandise, advertisements, and stream hosting.

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