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Guillermo Díaz Ibañez

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Guillermo Díaz Ibañez (born May 9, 1993 [26]) is a YouTube sensation from Spain. He has two of the top three most subscribed to channels in the country. He currently has over 14 million subscribers. Even more impressively, his channels have topped 3.4 billion in views.

Beginning Career of Willyrex

The star came up with his name when he was just eleven years old. Back then, he played with the name William, which is the American translation of Guillermo. That’s how he ended up with the moniker of Willy.

From there, he decided to give the name a twist. Willy lobbed rex onto the end of his name. That’s a nod to his Latin heritage as rex translates to the king. As Guillermo was getting into messenger sites, Willyrex was born.

After high school, Willyrex dabbled in continued education. He went to school to get a degree in Business Administration. Like many other YouTube stars, Willyrex realized that wasn’t the life for him and that he was destined for bigger things. That was when the star decided to drop out of school and focus full-time on his YouTube career.

Willyrex YouTube Beginnings

Guillermo started his YouTube page back on August 9, 2009. His first video wouldn’t be until 2011. The star’s first upload was a short video dedicated to playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. 

His popularity began to slightly dwindle during his Call of Duty: Black Ops era. However, everything skyrocketed as soon as Fortnite hit the scene. Willyrex is now the 75th most subscribed to channel on the streaming service. He credits this skyrocket to success to his loyal fans. He greets them on his show, calling the bunch, “Batracios.”

As his channel grew, Willy began to network with fellow gamers on YouTube. He started creating content alongside other YouTube stars such as:

  • Vegetta777
  • BysTaXx
  • LuzuVlogs
  • Sarinha
  • Alexby11

These tandems started to play a lot of Minecraft together. They would all play mini-games and upload their sessions to create evergreen talent that continues to grow in numbers to this day.

Besides these tethered-streams, Willy would just release commentaries about others playing games. His personality really started to catch on. The positive feedback inspired Willyrex to collaborate with Vegetta777 to make a series of mods known as Minecraft Apocolypse.

With a groundswell starting to happen, Willy looked to make more branded, focused content. He worked with BysTaXx to create content around wipeout races and LuckyBlocks races. Finally, Willyrex had created enough of a following to take his channel and brand to the next level.

Willyrex YouTube Success

This success brought Willyrex from Spain over to the States. Like many other YouTubers destined for greatness, the gamer moved to Los Angeles, California in 2014. He didn’t stay long before heading over to Andorra. After a brief stay, he jet-setted back to Spain.

In November 2017, Willyrex launched his second YouTube channel, TheWillyRex. It has actually surpassed his main page by a million subscribers. Now, Willy plays a lot of games that he wants to play. He’s made enough money where he can enjoy himself while he works. He likes to kick back and play things like Goat Simulator with Alexby11.

With this success, Willy has found a way to create more opportunity. Now he is enjoying more success than ever.

Willyrex Success Outside of YouTube 

Aware that you need to strike when the iron is hot, Guillermo started investing in other endeavors outside of his YouTube channel. He partnered up with a fellow YouTube star, Vegetta777. They created a series of illustrated books known as Wigetta. This is a combination of Wi for Willyrex and getta for Vegetta777’s name.

The synopsis for Wigetta reads:

“For Willy and Vegetta, a zombie invasion that devastates the place where you live is just the beginning of a great adventure. Trips to the depths, intense duels at dawn, mysterious witches and fearsome giants …

To save your friends and return your town to normal, the most intrepid couple of YouTube will face all the dangers, accompanied by their funny pets, Trotuman and Vakypandy. And for you, that you can leave your signature on your adventures at the stroke of a pencil!”

This five-book series has very detailed illustrations and a strong manga influence.

Following Wigetta, Guillermo forged a partnership with another YouTuber to create two more books. Willyrex teamed up with BysTaXx to pen books under the saga, Tiny. 

In addition, Willyrex has worked with a few artists to create songs. He worked with Liberty Mario to create Miners in the Sun. While that was a parody of Lovers in the Sun, Willyrex followed up with a serious outing. Using Lytos as a vocalist, he released Where Did I Get Lost? He collaborated with Lytos for YOU & I, to create the first music video in 360 degrees.

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