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Joe Esfahani (Born: December 15, 1994 [Age: 23] is one of the League of Legends originals. In fact, this streamer was ranked number 1 in season 1.

The Persian player has been on many competitive teams such as:

  • Rock Solid
    • Team Dignitas
    • Delta Fox
    • CLG
    • Curse/Team Liquid

When he started off for Rock Solid, Voyboy was placed in the role of a top laner. However, with Dignitas and Delta Fox, Joe Esfahani was a solid team member, carrying the load of a mid laner. Later in his career, he would move onto being a top laner for Curse. This would be the end of his team playing career.

However, he doesn’t play as competitively today. After years of being one of the best North American International players, Voyboy decided to take things a little easier. In 2015, Voyboy stepped down from his post with Curse.

Nowadays, the star mostly streams himself playing games with other players. He also reaches out to his community by entertaining them with tech talk, dad memes, and going over his latest National Geographic studies.

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