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You may currently know Sasha Braggs as Vixella but she was formerly referred to as FancySimmer. Vixella loves posting videos to her YouTube channel and if you aren’t a fan of the SIMS games, especially The SIMS 4, then do not bother checking it out because almost every video of hers revolves around that game.

Vixella also creates and sells her own merch so show some support and check it out here.

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Vixella is a proud Husky mom and loves showing off pictures and videos of her all over her Instagram account. If she is not doing that, she’s hanging out with friend’s and just enjoying life.

Vixella Videos

Vixella’s main focus of her YouTube account is on creating Let’s Plays, builds, create a SIMS and updates videos for the game itself. As of lately it has been majority of The SIMS 4 in particular but she does post the odd video that is not SIMS related (keep an eye out for her cute husky that makes an appearance in these).

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