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This adult film star has 10.5 million followers on her Instagram account. No wonder as to why. At 5’1,” the brown-haired, hazel-eyed Violet Summers is a natural beauty. This 21-year-old star is Texas-born and raised. Everything is bigger in Texas, and so is Violet’s personality. She grew an audience and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to become a sultry adult film star living who is living a life of the Famousss

Violet Summers’ Net Worth

Violet Summers has been slaying the game since she was 17-years-old. She started her career by modeling. By 2020, she became a Penthouse Pet. That’s why Violet Summers has a net worth of $500,000 at just 21-years-old. 

Violet Summers is a self-made entrepreneur in the sex worker industry. She has 727,000 followers on the official Violet Summers account. 

Her content is all subscription-based. She uploads multiple times per day with videos pleasuring herself, nipple play, and more. 

An unlimited access subscription is just $25 per month. You can receive daily updates and random DMs from the starlet. 

The Violet Summers TV OnlyFans has almost 35,0000 followers as of April 2021. This account provides free content to people who subscribe to her page. These are mainly picture stills. However, they can get pretty graphic. 

However, if you cough up some dough and choose between tiered options, you can unlock some premium content. Check out the Violet Summers OnlyFans VIP page to see her choices. 

Most of Violet Summer’s adult film previews and ads are on her private Twitter account @violetsummerss. You must be approved to give her a follow. As of April 2021, 675,000 people follow Violet Summers’ Twitter account.

The @violet.summers TikTok account is quickly gaining momentum. She currently has 175,000 followers. Most of her videos are comedy videos. You can catch her doing Mean Girls reenactments or nose painting.

Oh, and she’s got a spot-on impersonation of the Kardashians. Not in the literal sense like James Charles looks like Kris Jenner, but still a solid take on the fam’s voices and nuances!

Violet Summers gets most of her followers on Instagram. She started with mostly lingerie pictures that caught peoples’ attention. Now, she’s trying to broaden her horizons as a travel influencer. 

As she explains,

“Always looking for fun places to show off 😈 Can you tell I’m having fun exploring 😁

I’m looking to do some YouTube content around great local places to shop while I’m road trippin’ so drop a comment if you have a fun local place I should visit when I travel thru 😍”

On her newly launched Violet Summers YouTube page, Violet announced she was leaving Phoenix, Arizona. According to the video, Leaving AZ to explore the US | I BOUGHT A VAN?!, Violet Summers bought a van and is going to travel around the United States. 

Her latest stops include Zion National ParkSt. George, Utah, and Tempeh, Arizona

Violet Summer’s Family & Early Life

Violet Summers was born on November 28, 1999, in a small town in Texas. The future star spent a lot of time outdoors, especially since she lived in close proximity to a lake. 

Not much is known about Violet Summers’ parents. 

She was a cheerleader growing up in Texas. On the side, Violet Summers would also take dance lessons. All of this would serve Violet well as she would transition into modeling. 

Her sister is budding influencer, Riley Summers. She runs the Instagram account. Riley Summers has over 1 million followers. 

Her page is described as a teacher who turned herself into a life coach. However, she has many hot pictures that follow her sister’s footsteps. Check out the under cleavage in this one

Violet Summers’ Rise to Fame

At 17-years-old, Violet Summers started modeling. Upon graduation, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to pursue her career in entertainment. 

She had a slow rise to becoming Famousss. Her slow and steady rise was due to continuous content that was super hot. Who doesn’t love a white string thong?

Eventually, people wanted to see more of Violet Summers. She organically grew her Instagram following to 10.5 million. This following would transition into paid subscriptions through Nudiez and OnlyFans.

By 2020, Violet Summers had her biggest breakout moment. She became the April 2020 Penthouse Pet of the Month.

Violet Summers’ Relationships

Violet Summers is not in a public relationship as of April 2021. She just bought a van and seems set on traveling America with her sister, Riley. 

Violet Summers’ Rumors & Controversies 

While she’s a freak on-cam, Violet Summers is a lady on the streets. She has a real positive vibe and doesn’t want to cause any drama. You’ll have a hard time finding any rumors or controversies about Violet Summers.

Some of her posts have been flagged in the past for being a bit too racy for Instagram’s Terms & Conditions. That has caused Violet to grow fearful of her account being banned. 

If you are concerned about losing Violet Summers in your feed, be sure to follow her backup Instagram account. This account is private, so you must be accepted. However, it has over 1 million followers to date. So, it doesn’t look like Violet is being overly selective.

Other Notable Facts About Violet Summers

Violet Summers’ favorite food is tacos. 

Violet Summers has an entire wall of sneakers, with over 110 pairs. She became enamored with sneakers and bikinis when she was Instagram stalking Alexis Ren’s @alexiren Instagam account

Now, she stops in local sneaker shops everywhere she goes. Violet plans on incorporating her shoe hunts into future YouTube content as she continues to vlog from her van. 

She describes Mark Wahlberg fingerbanging Reese Witherspoon on the Ferris wheel in Fear as the hottest movie sex scene ever. So, Violet definitely likes a guy with a rough side!

Violet Summers considers Paris Hilton an inspiration. She believes Paris reminds Violet not to take life too seriously. Maybe she should talk to Sophia Mudd about it. Sophia Mudd used to date Paris’ brother, Conard Hughes Hilton Jr.

Her biggest fantasy is to have sex with a bellboy at a hotel. She says her favorite position is to lie on her stomach with a guy on top behind her. 

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