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Annie, known under the pseudonym of Vengelfe, is a 20-year old YouTuber from England that is most well-known for her Minecraft Let’s Plays. She has a YouTube channel that only conists of 267k subscribers and she does not post all that often but she seems to be more into live streaming on Twitch.

Annie was also a member of an all-female YouTube gaming group called the Pixel Pact but that faded away in 2015. This group had the best of the best in the Minecraft area and you can still check out their videos on their YouTube channel.

Vengelfe Pictures

Annie is not one to post on social media too often, especially Instagram. Her most recent posts were back in September of 2017, which is unfortunate because she is a super attractive and petite English girl that anyone would benefit to see more pictures of.

Vengelfe Videos

Like her pictures on Instagram, Annie seems to post very few YouTube videos as of lately. Her main focus is live streaming on Twitch but be sure to check her YouTube channel as she has some funny Let’s Plays on there.

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