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TSM Syndicate



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Tom Cassell (Born: June 12, 1993 [Age: 25]) is one of the top 100 YouTube channels and top 10 Twitch stations. He started his career as a professional streamer on September 3, 2010. By streaming through YouTube under the banner “The Syndicate Project,” Tom played Halo and Modern Warfare 2.

Syndicate would rise in popularity on the back of Call of Duty: Black Ops. His largest following came from his playing of the franchise’s “Zombies Mode.” An already rising vlogger, he blew up even more when The Minecraft Project dropped.

Syndicate expanded his reach by opening a second vlogging channel called “Life of Tom.” Although not as popular as “The Syndicate Project,” “Life of Tom” still boasts over 2 million subscribers.

As Syndicate opened up his Twitch page, he became the first on the platform to hit 1 million followers on August 17, 2014. This success hasn’t come without its share of controversy. The Twitch star ran into issues with the FTC. This started in 2013 when Syndicate was a paid endorser of the new XBox One. Pocketing $30,000, Syndicate failed to mention that he and fellow YouTubers were compensated to promote the product.

He faced more troubles in 2015 when he started up Let’s Play videos for Dead Realm. However, he was paid to do this as well and failed to disclose to the public. Lastly, his gambling website, ran into trouble with the FTC yet again. When promoting the site, he failed to let his followers know that he was Vice President. All these deceptions have led to such a polarizing reaction from the Twitch community.

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