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Tim Foley

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Florida, United States

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Tim Foley [Age: 34] is known as online personality, Trick2g. What has gained him such a popular following among video game enthusiasts is not just his entertaining persona. Foley also incorporates a lot of tips and wisdom in his videos that helps his viewers become better at their craft. His page brings more of a sense of community than some of his other Twitch counterparts.

Trick2g’s game of choice is League of Legends. This is where he has found the most success. Therefore, most of his tutorials are about this game. While educating his viewers is one of his largest claims to fame, he also enjoys playing. His passion for game play is on clear display by his hilarious reactions. Trick2g is well-known for loud, angry screaming whenever his partners drop the ball in a game.

One of Trick2g’s most popular partners is fuk2g, who is also a professional League of Legends player. They are both members of Team 2G, but create a lot of content as a twosome. Either way, Trick2g streams almost daily for may hours at end. When his popularity reached its height, Trick2g would livestream upwards of 11 hours at a time!

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