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“I hope everyone is staying happy, healthy, and safe. 

Ignore the pizza crumbs on my belly.”

Adorable face. Good at gaming. Loves pizza. What more could you ask for in a chick? Tory Weeks aka DingleDerper is a streamer and avid player of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. She’s also known to go HAM playing League of Legends too.

DingleDerper Starts Gaming

Tory first entered the gaming scene in 2011. She signed up on Twitch and gained quite a following, playing a variety of games. While she immediately struck up a love for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, she branched out to other popular games, too.

You can find highly-watched content involving DingleDerper playing:

  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • World of Warcraft

Her following has caught on slowly. Right now, she’s averaging 400 views for each stream she has uploaded on Twitch. Her money is in the long game. 

DingleDerper Gains a Following

It’s been over nine years since Tory Weeks launched her Twitch profile as DingleDerper. Since then, her total video views have blown up to 15 million!

Content is key. DingleDerper has been steadily putting out hours of content each week. Since she’s started, she’s gotten more serious about gaming. As a result, her hours logged on Twitch have jumped annually. 

Many people grew attached to Tory because of her love for gaming. She’s fun to watch and kicks ass when she plays. However, her tumultuous love life took center stage on Twitch and YouTube. That’s what has earned DingleDerper more buzz than ever!

DingleDerper and PhantomL0rd Relationship

As what happens when you live your life in front of the camera, we’ve gotten to know a bit about DingleDerper’s personal life. 

We watched as her love story blossomed with a fellow gamer, James Varga. You might know him better as PhantomL0rd. The two met in 2014 and started dating shortly after. However, the twosome kept their burgeoning love on the downlow. 

While she was on her upward trajectory, DingleDerper and PhantomL0rd started creating content together. These videos ended up being some of the most popular that Tory released. 

DingleDerper and PhantomL0rd Twitch Drama

In 2016, the spotlight seemed to start cracking away at the strong couple. PhantomL0rd got banned from Twitch for promoting the gambling app, CSGOShuffle. This Counter-Strike Global Offenseive knockoff is a violation of Twitch rules.

Angry, PhantomL0rd ended up suing Twitch 600 days later. This dispute might have started the unraveling of the power couple in the eyes of the gaming world. 

By the end of the summer 2016, PhantomL0rd deleted his Twitch account. He hasn’t recovered much in the gaming world since then. As we’re about to find out, he didn’t recover socially much, either.

DingleDerper and PhantomL0rd Breakup

Around 2017, content featuring the two of these gaming stars started to slow down. This lack of new videos caused people to whisper about the status of PhantomL0rd and Dinglederper.

Once speculation got too rampant, Tory made a social media statement about her and PhantomL0rd, stating, “we are no more together.” 

After the breakup, DingleDerper took a short hiatus from streaming. She felt it was no longer fun. However, she made a return and is making bank again. 

DingleDerper Twitch Success 

The estimated net worth of DingleDerper is $250,000. Most of her money is made via donations of her Twitch and YouTuber admirers. She has a Twitch sponsorship, getting $1 per view, and 50% of a subscription package profits. 

Currently, DingleDerper is up to 415,000 followers on Twitch. Monthly, the DingleDerper Twitch page averages 86,790 views. She has a solid and devout fan base that’s always propping her up. 

That loyalty is paying off. Not only is Dingelderper earning more viewers, but she’s also starting to make more money. 

One of the first large sponsorships Dingederper encountered was with She started featuring posts for them. This supplemental money went well with her increase in viewers among social platforms. 

Pay is dependent on the number of views, and hers continues to slowly climb up there! In fact, Dingelderper is now driving around her Las Vegas, Nevada neighborhood in a Mercedes G-Wagon. This bad boy has a price tag of $123,600. 

Oh, and speaking of Sin City, the average house there is just short of $300,000. Yeah. She’s not hurting. PhamtomL0rd who?

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