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TommyInnit Minecraft

Thomas Simons

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Nottingham, England

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This 17-year-old English Twitch streamer has over 3.5 million followers on his @tommyinnit Instagram account. Thomas Simons, best known as TommyInnit, is a Minecraft professional. He burst onto the scene in 2015 as Channelnutpig, and morphed into one of the most popular Twitch players ever. Thanks to his hot collabs with Ninja and other Famousss stars, it’s no wonder why the world is catching onto this brown-eyed, blonde-haired gamer. 

TommyInnit’s Net Worth

TommyInnit is in it to win it…or at least make bank. And he’s not doing too shabby. This 17-year-old already has a net worth of $2.5 million. 

This video gamer makes most of his money as a Twitch affiliate. The official TommyInnit Twitch page has 6.5 million subscribers. 

He also has a highly successful YouTube page. The TommyInnit YouTube page has 10.7 million subscribers. TommyInnit’s most-watched YouTube video is called I met Wilbur Soot in real life… It has 31 million views as of September 2021. That means TommyInnit is earning YouTube ad kickbacks. 

While Tommy is known for playing Minecraft, he isn’t considered one of the best of the best anymore. He used to rank very high, hitting 2nd place in the 2nd year of the tournament. Since its beginning, he’s been on many Minecraft Championship Teams, coming up short on multiple occasions now.

TommyInnitt’s Minecraft Championship record is:

  • MC Championships 1 – Didn’t Play
  • MC Championships 2 – 2nd Place Individual, 2nd Place Team
  • MC Championships 3 – 9th Place Individual, 4th Place Team
  • MC Championships 4 – 7th Place Individual, 1st Place Team
  • MC Championships 5 – 16th Place Individual, 2nd Place Team
  • MC Championships 6 – 18th Place Individual, 8th Place Team
  • MC Championships 7- 23rd Place Individual, 7th Place Team
  • MC Championships 8 – Didn’t Place
  • MC Championships 9 – 8th Place Individual, 5th Place Team
  • MC Championships 10 – 26h Place Individual, 7th Place Team
  • MC Championships 11 – 5th Place Individual, 3rd Place Team
  • MC Championships 12 – 18th Place Individual, 9th Place Team
  • MC Championships 13 – 17th Place Individual, 5th Place Team
  • MC Championships 14 – 9th Place Individual, 4th Place Team
  • MC Championships 15 – 17th Place Individual, 6th Place Team

Since he has some first-place wins, Tommy has earned some money. However, his skills have waned over the last few years. Good thing he’s got his YouTube and Twitch channels to fall back on!

TommyInnit’s Early Life & Family

Thomas Simons was born on April 9, 2004, in Nottingham, England. The Aries was born and raised in England.

TommyInnit’s Mom is Sarah Simmons. Sarah Simmons is known as Middle Age Fat Lass. Her YouTube channel has 130k subscribers.  

Tommy and Sarah Simmons still live together in Nottingham, England. The Simmons household has two dogs named Walter and Betty.

TommyInnit’s Rise to Fame

TommyInnit has always been into gaming. He started off like many unassuming streamers, such as GronkhTobiWan, and Forsen, did. Tommy Simons created a YouTube channel for fun. 

His first channel was called Channelnutpig. It debuted in February 2013. As he gained his confidence, Tommy launched what is now the official TommyInnit page on December 24, 2015. Most of the content involved him playing Minecraft. 

On August 6, 2019, Tommy experimented with new content. He started uploading videos about SkyBlock, the popular Hypixel minigame. His subscriber count skyrocketed by over 50,000 more within weeks.

By the end of 2018, Tommy started posting on Twitch. He continued his Minecraft content but also transitioned to PlayersUnkown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. 

Both of his channels would see a huge uptick in viewers when he joined the role-playing Minecraft server, Dream SMP. He would livestream the Dream SMP Finale on his Twitch, peaking at 650,000 viewers in one session. 

TommyInnit’s Relationships

TommtInnit likes to keep his personal life private. We don’t know if TommyInnit is in a relationship, but we will keep you updated about any status changes.

TommyInnit’s Rumors and Controversies 

TommyInnit is still a young star among the Famousss. He is still learning proper etiquette when dealing with other big named stars. 

Tommy gained a lot of heat on a tribute tweet to KSI posted about DMX’s death. In the now-deleted tweet, Tommy asked for a birthday shout from KSI, which many felt was in poor taste. KSI is Famousssly known for boxing Famousss star Logan Paul

He also received flak for using a bot to tweet to his 3 million followers on his official @tommyinnit Twitter account

One of the bots tweeted,

“zombies arent real, but ed sheeran is. stay safe.” 

This curated tweet was clearly a rip-off of,

“aliens are not real. but bald people are. Stay safe, everyone.”

The lack of originality left a poor taste in tweeter’s mouths. Once he was called out, Tommy canceled the bot on November 5, 2020. 

In the past, Tommy has been accused of lobby spamming. He would drop his link incessantly in Twitch lobbies to lure in viewers. It got so bad that his account was suspended for seven days in 2018.

Other Notable Facts About TommyInitt

Tommy cast in the April 1, 2021 music video Sub Urban & Bella Poarch – INFERNO (Official Music Video). This video currently has over 51k views. While he is a star in this video, he was not there to film in person. Everything was shot in the United States. So, Tommy had to record himself in front of a green screen so the editors can add him into the video.

Tommy is known to troll BadBoyHalo by swearing in the gamer’s livestreams. 

TommyInnit was set for VidCon 2021. He was on the bill with Ranboo, Tubbo, and Wilbur Scot. Unfortunately, this get-together got canceled due to the pandemic. 

While the star is ambidextrous, he plays video games with his left hand. However, he is a righty when it comes to sports. 

Tommy is good friends with Famousss star GeorgeNotFound.

While he’s a star, Tommy is actually pretty anxious. He bites his nails very often. He also has a phobia of empty rooms. Must be scared that Ed Sheeran is going to get him!

Thomas Simons holds the Guinness Book of Worlds Records for the most-watched Minecraft livestream on Twitch. 

Thomas contracted COVID-19 and tested negative on August 19, 2021. 

TommyInnit’s favorite dinosaur is a triceratops and his favorite subject in school is English. Hopefully, he has those requirements out of the way. The star is currently enrolled in his Freshman year of college. 

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