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Toby “TobiWan” Dawson (born: July 24, 1985 [Age: 34]) is an Australian born gamer who specializes in commentaries for Dota 2. He is currently a freelancer. However, he makes a lot of money off his Twitch streams.

TobiWan Early Beginnings 

Toby Dawson grew up in Nambour in Queensland, Australia. Shortly after his birth, his family uprooted not too far away to a small town known as Maleny. While not well-known,  TobiWan insists it’s the most beautiful place he’s ever seen. In fact, the star plans to move back to his homestead upon retirement.

As a child, Toby wasn’t into gaming. However, he did grow up to be a sports fanatic. As an Australian native, he gravitated to soccer. Toby also had a penchant for tennis and cricket.

On top of conquering the sports scene, Toby was big into musical theater. He took part in many productions, which helped the future commentator find his voice with all eyes on him. It’s these moments where he flourished and realized that he had a passion for entertaining the masses.

TobiWan Gets into Gaming

While gaming wasn’t his first love, Toby did grow an appreciation for the art form. When he was young, his mom alotted gaming time as a reward for completing his chores. Therefore, Toby wasn’t able to dedicate countless hour honing his craft like many of his peers on Twitch.

Eventually, Toby started gaming one hour per day. He continued this trend into college, noting that gaming didn’t interfere with his studies. During this time he found Call of Duty and Battlefield. The career of TobiWan was about to take off.

TobiWan and Call of Duty

Bit by the Call of Duty bug, Toby started running small tournaments. He created a small buzz by playing Capture the Flag mode on Call of Duty United Offensive. However, he took a small hit when the game fell through and was a reboot as Call of Duty 2.

Not deterred, TobiWan started reaching out to GameStar, an Australia shoutcasting network. He approached them about hiring one of their commentators for videos, but the agency declined. Upset, he decided to start his own shoutcasting group called United Offensive Talkers.

This group of freelancers debuted on Toby’s old website, Touch Tech Gaming. The first night of this endeavor saw the site crash due to the surplus of demand. GameStar noticed this and decided to offer Toby and his producers job opportunities.

Immediately, GameStar gave TobiWan the pick of the litter for Call of Duty commentaries. His newfound fame saw the star come to the World Cyber Games in Singapore in 2005. His casting career with GameStar was short-lived as he was released shortly after the Cyber Games. He was quickly picked up by World of Warcraft III: Dota All-Stars as a caster. Although no company was backing the game, TobiWan was on board.

TobiWan and Dota

During the interview process, TobiWan was the only one who had experience with Dota. He had played three times. That got the professional caster an automatic job with the company. It was off to the races from there.

At the time, TobiWan was still in school, volunteering for Dota, and working in retail. He was balancing a lot, but did not lose sight of his career ambitions.

To improve his casting ability, TobiWan branched out to:

  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Starcraft II
  • FPS Games

In addition, TobiWan still did side work for Call of Duty, casting Call of Duty Counter-Strike. All of this experience caught the eyes of other groups. He attended DreamHack 2010, creating more networking opportunities. By the end of 2010, Dota wanted TobiWan full-time, asking for his help with Dota 2.

TobiWan and Dota 2

In June 2011, Dota 2 released its beta version. After growing a mass of viewers, the joinDOTA League was launched in 2013. Under TobiWan’s watchful eye, the division grew. With the growth, TobiWan started providing voiceover work for ESL games and other joinDOTA trailers.

By 2015, he was still casting for Call of Duty, as he casted for Call of Duty: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He provided commentary for the International 2015. From there, he started to distance himself from Dota 2.

TobiWan as a Freelancer

In 2016 and 2017, Toby took it easy. He played in a few tournaments and casted for a few games. However, he took the time to focus on his own Twitch page and commentaries.

Tobiwan is now enjoying his life as a freelancer. He ended his last partnership in January 2018 when he announced he was no longer working with Freaks 4U Gaming. Now, Tobiwan is free for voiceover work for trailers or to provide commentary for channels. Otherwise, catch him on Twitch.

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