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This brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty is also a badass. Tiffany Hart is a SERE specialist for the Air Force who turned into a fitness model. A sexy Scorpio, this St. Louis-born star’s @therealtiffanyhart Instagram account has 65,000 followers. This Famousss hottie is breaking down barriers and breaking hearts along the way!

Tiffany Hart’s Net Worth

Tiffany Hart’s net worth is $100,000. She is just making her foothold in the world of the Famousss. However, she’s starting to catch on. 

Most of her income comes from her days serving the United States Air Force. She was a SERE specialist. SERE is Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape. Tiffany taught people survival skills and would help them “return with honor.”

After she completed her service, Tiffany would transition into fitness instructing. She uses her Instagram @therealtiffanyhart as a self-professed diary. This outlet allows her to inspire others to remain active. 

With her growing social media presence, Tiffany started an apparel company. Tiffany Hart is the Owner of American Hart

American Hart is a blend of fitness and comfort. It has women-forward and empowering outfits that you can workout in or lounge around in style. 

With all of her growing success, Tiffany Hart launched a podcast. She hosts the Drinkin’ Broettes Podcast with Jessie Wisemen. It’s a female take on the popular Drinkin’ Bros Podcast. 

They claim to bring “Big Tit Energy” in an all-women podcast. This popular podcast brings in sponsors like GhostBed. Their @drinkinbroettespodcast Instagram has 16.2k followers. 

Tiffany Hart’s Family & Early Life

Tiffany Hart was born on October 30, 1986. That’s right! Like other Famousss stars Brad Mondo and Fivel Stewart, Tiffany Hart is a Scorpio.

We don’t know the names of Tiffany Hart’s parents. However, we know they are very supportive of their daughter and both had monumental impacts in becoming the success she is today.

Her dad has always exhibited Missouri pride. He loved that Missouri is called the “Show Me State.”

As Tiffany Hart recalled,

“You want to do this? Good. Action speak louder than words. I’m from the Show-Me State. Show Me.”

Growing up, Tiffany Hart was a southern girl through and through. She spent most of her time outdoors playing. 

Tiffany Hart was a swimmer for 12 years, setting many local records along the way. She would also perform track and field. Tiffany Hart became a breakout track star. 

This accomplishment earned the future fitness star a full scholarship at Lindenwood University, a private college in Saint Charles, Missouri. 

Tiffany Hart’s Rise to Fame

Tiffany felt really lost after high school. Since she had a scholarship, she went to college for free. Her goal was to earn a career in the medical profession. However, studies didn’t interest her, and Tiffany Hart was losing her love for track. 

During this time, Tiffany hit what she told the One’s Ready Podcast was a self-described “low.” She decided to take a year off of school.

Tiffany spent a lot of her downtime outdoors. She happened to stumble upon the opportunity to join the Air Force. She wanted an Air Force Special Operations Command, or a “PJ” as they call it.

The recruiter laughed and said that job isn’t for women. He took a dusty brochure for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE). He told her there were always openings there. So, she accepted. 

Being outdoors is what attracted her to the job. She loved pushing herself to meet her edge and learn tactics in the wild.

Eventually, Tiffany Hart took the test to an SERE specialist. She’s got to do cool things, including skydiving.

After a while, Tiffany’s heart (no pun intended) was no longer in it. She needed a change and decided to move on. 

During this time, her mom encouraged Tiffany to do more public speaking. She believed Tiffany had an inspiring story and should share it. 

Lost, she turned to her Instagram. Tiffany Hart grew her following by being herself, an honest and proud American. 

This growth led to her starting a fitness brand, American Hart, which includes apparel and fitness tips.

Tiffany Hart’s Relationships

We don’t know much about Tiffany Hart’s relationships. However, she is newly single. She posted a TikTok to her 1.7 million followers on @therealtiffanyhart. In it, she joked and danced about re-entering the dating field in her mid-’30s.

Some dating issues Tiffany Hart has seen include:

  • Ghosting
  • Guys with Past Relationship Traumas
  • Guys Just Looking to Hook Up
  • Liars That Are Married

Don’t know who would give Tiffany Hart up! We’d never let her go.

Tiffany Hart’s Rumors & Controversies

Tiffany Hart is a proud vet. Her pro-American views can be polarizing to some. However, you won’t find many rumors and controversies about Tiffany Hart.

Other Notable Facts About Tiffany Hart

When training to join the Air Force, Tiffany Hart couldn’t even do one pull-up! In 2007, Tiffany Hart had to hire a personal trainer to get her to complete six, which is how many she needed to do to enter the SERE program.

Running a mile and a half was an issue for her, too. Tiffany Hart was a sprinter. 

Her mantra to get through stressful times is “faith, family, fitness.”

Tiffany Hart has an alter-ego called Freedom Franny. Freedom Franny shows off Tiffany Hart’s redneck side. She shows this character on full display in the video, “Freedom Franny | Brazilian Waxing and ‘MERICA 🇺🇸.”

As Franny, she suggests you sing your favorite song as you rip the wax. It helps ease the pain. 

She also makes videos making fun of girls who like White Claw. She goes on about White Claw Summer and hates on a guy drinking Truly. She also talks up a girl as being more of a Raspberry White Claw and not a Lime White Claw. These videos truly show her wide range of abilities. 

Tiffany Hart has an Amazon shop if you would like to support her in that way. 

Tiffany struggled with weight issues growing up. She has grown body positivity through fitness. Tiffany also noticed how well her body was doing when she cut down on drinking alcohol. However, she still likes to let loose, as she shows in this hysterical TikTok

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