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Tessa Brooks – Famousss.com Tessa Brooks – Famousss.com

Tessa Brooks

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California, United States

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5' 7"

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Tessa Brooks is a famous dancer who has used YouTube to catapult her career into superstardom. Brooks rose to prominence as a member of the social group, Team 10. Through their YouTube channel, Tessa has started a modeling career and has continued to blow up in the viral world.

Before hitting it big on YouTube, Tessa started dancing on the Disney Channel show, Big Thing. This got the star discovered and showcased at events such as The Haiti Benefit Concert and Miss California Pageant. Since then, Tessa has lent her expertise to the immaBEAST dance crew. Tessa also collaborated with The Pulse on Tour in honing their skills.

On top of her spot on the Team 10 channel, Tessa Brooks has her own popular page. She has over 2 million followers. This has earned her modeling gigs with Coca-Cola, Skechers, and Contours Designs.

With her growing career, Tessa’s personal life has come into question. Many are pairing her up with YouTube sensation, Chance Sutton. These rumors circulated as the two appear close at events when they perform the single It’s Everyday Bro with Jake Paul and Nick Crompton. Not to mention, Chance has several videos where he gives Tessa a big smooch on the cheek.

Speaking of Jake Paul, Tessa did use to date him. It was confirmed they were together in the past, but that was a long time ago. Jake has since been linked to Erika Costell and others.

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