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Tayler Holder (Born: August 19, 1997) is a TikTok sensation from Austin, Texas, who became a part of the Hype House in Los Angeles, California. This now-honorary Hype House star is known for rapping and producing hilarious lip-synch videos. He has an uncanny likeness to Bryce Hall. Lucky that they’re actually really good friends among the Famousss.

Tayler Holder Early Beginnings

Tayler Holder was born in Alvarado, Texas to Monte and Wendy Holder. This small town is outside the Dallas and Fort Worth area of the Lone Star State. 

His family had a modest upbringing. To Tayler, McDonald’s was a treat. It’s actually still his favorite fast food.

The Holder clan would typically spend most of their days hanging outdoors. In fact, Tayler took up motocross at the early age of three-years-old!

Tayler Holder is the youngest of three siblings. He has a blood brother named Trever. The family also adopted a daughter. A Pomeranian named Eli fills out the rest of the Holder brood. 

At some point during Tayler’s childhood, the family uprooted to the state capital. 

In Austin, Texas, Tayler lived a normal life. He was pretty popular with his friends, but nobody knew that he was destined for a life of being Famousss. 

Tayler Holder Moves to Los Angeles 

When he was 18, Tayler Holder had to make a decision. He wasn’t sure Texas was the life for him. Holder had bigger dreams. For one, he wanted to be an actor. 

At the time, Austin wasn’t the burgeoning scene for the arts. So, Tayler decided he needed to get closer to the scene, literally. Barely an adult, Tayler Holder moved to Los Angeles, California. 

Tayler floundered for a bit. He focused on his social media game in hopes of garnering the attention of the masses. While he tried a few different platforms, it wasn’t until TikTok blew up that Tayler Holder became a megastar.

Tayler Holder ItsTaylerHolder TikTok

Like many TikTok stars of today, Tayler Holder started his career on the Musical.ly app. He garnered a large following. However, millions weren’t on the platform. Then, the TikTok takeover of Musical.ly happened. This acquisition would transform the life of Tayler Holder. 

Knowing how successful he was on Musical.ly, TikTok featured Tayler Holder a lot. Therefore, Tayler Holder struck gold when TikTok blew up. People fell in love with his good looks and willingness to look like a goof. Overnight, he blew up. As of January 2021, he has almost 18 million followers. 

Most of his content involved lip-synching. However, Tayler started dabbling in his own music, as well. 

Tayler Holder Music Career 

Tayler produced his first video in 2017 called Who I Am. It was met with moderate success. 

Next, Tayler took a unique turn by dropping a rap track. In 2018, he came out with Fallback. This release was met with shockingly positive reviews. The popularity surrounding this track caught the eye of the Hype House. 

Tayler Holder Joins The Hype House 

The Hype House is home to many Famousss stars, including Bryce Hall, Addison Rae, and Charli D’Amelio. For a while, it was also the home of Tayler Holder.

As soon as Tayler’s TikTok status shot up, the Hype House reached out about collaborations. The group worked together on a few projects. Immediately, Tayler was a fit with the Hype House. So, naturally, they asked him to move in. 

Tayler would create content with the Hype House for about a year. He confirmed that he moved out of the Hype House in September 2020. 

Tayler is looking to pursue his own gigs. However, the door is open for both forces to create content together again in the future. 

Tayler Holder Acting Career

Being in the Hype House proved advantageous for Tayler Holder. He now had the attention of other production companies. 

Tayler Holder was cast in the series Dirt on the Brat TV YouTube streaming service. On Dirt, Tayler Holder plays Luke. 

In the show, he plays a motocross star. However, this star deals with addiction and love. That’s something Tayler Holder knows a lot about.

Tayler Holder Love Life 

The first mainstream relationship of Tayler Holder was with him and Kaylyn Slevin. Kaylyn Slevin is a cheerleader for the National Football League (NFL). She is also a model. 

The twosome made a cringeworthy video called IT’S OFFICIAL. In it, Tayler asked Kaylyn Slevin to be his girlfriend. However, he did it in front of his mom!

While Kaylyn accepted, they broke up in August 2019. At the time, Tayler said that Kaylyn was too busy for a relationship. He said that her career was blowing up. Plus, with the pandemic, there wasn’t much time for her to dedicate to him.

Don’t worry. The heartthrob rebounded. He was shacked up with Charly Jordan in 2020. However, he didn’t make a big proclamation video and left Wendy out of the proposal. 

Since these dating scenarios, others have come forth about past love lives with Tayler Holder. Gymnast Kelianne Stankus admitted to being involved in the past with Tayler Holder.

Tayler Holder also dated fitness model Sommer Ray. They had an on-and-off relationship that was more cold than hot. 

Tayler Holder Tattoos

Tayler Holder is already collected quite a few tattoos on his body. He has some Roman numerals on his chest. 

Holder also has an hourglass and a couple of birds on his arm. Nobody knows the meaning of these tattoos.

Tayler Holder’s other tattoo is a symbol that matches with a friend’s tattoo. It stands for “brotherhood.” 

He also has a rose on his forearm and a cherub on his bicep.

Tayler Holder Christmas Music 

On November 22, 2019, Tayler Holder teamed with Casie Bear to release Christmas Time ValentineThe video has over 70 million views to date, with over 2.5k likes. 

Apparently, Tayler Holder fell in love with creating Christmas music. He was back at it in 2020. On December 12, 2020, he released Feels Like Christmas

For this Christmas jam, he teamed up with rumored ex Kelliane Stankus. Nate Wyatt also collaborated. 

This song was an undeniable success compared to the Christmas Time Valentine. In just a few weeks, it has almost two million views. The song is much better with a nicer beat. Plus, it doesn’t have the scathing vocals of Casie Bear. 

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