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Tatiana Aleksandra Krievins Westbrook (born February 14, 1982 [age 37]) started her career off as an image consultant. She used those life experiences to parlay over into a successful YouTube channel. After gaining millions of follows, Tati started to foster the next generation of makeup influencers. Most notably, she took James Charles under her wing, which has led to a big explosion over tabloid headlines. Now, Tati is seeing a big career surge than ever.

Tati on YouTube

After years of as an image consultant, Tati decided that her insight can help more than the small bubble around her. Using her passion for makeup as an inspiration, Westbrook started her YouTube page, GlamLifeGuru in November 2010. Most of her videos are empowering and uplifting. Tati gives advice to her followers about topics such as:
  • Beauty Reviews
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Life Advice and Tips
Her reliability, and somewhat motherly charm, has earned Tati over 10 million followers on YouTube. It also opened the door for her to start her own successful brand of supplement products.

Tati and Halo Beauty

Tati believed that to glow on the outside, you need to heal yourself on the inside. With a beauty is skin deep mentality, the mogul developed of a line of supplements that are meant to compliment their beauty regime. In February 2018, Tati launched the Halo Beauty line, spotlighting:
  • Hail, Skin, Nail Booster
  • Clear, Glowing Skin Kiwi Seed Booster
In a realm where animals are tested on, or gelatin is used to strengthen hair follicles and cuticles, Tati’s line is unique. As the Halo Beauty website states,
“Our proprietary formula delivers real results because our ingredients are delivered in therapeutic doses and work in collaboration with each other, to help optimize your hair, skin and nails. We’re also Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and Soy-Free, and we are the only popular brand we know that is also both Vegan and Cruelty-Free. “
Between YouTube and Halo Beauty, Tati is valued at around $1.3 million. Luckily for Tati (or not so much), her purse is about to get heavier. That’s because Tati became the person to gain the most YouTube followers in one day. Unfortunately, this came at the expense of losing a friend she mentored, James Charles.

Tati and James Charles Controversy

Tati Westbrook became famous on YouTube for her knowledge in the makeup world. James Charles has become an icon in the beauty scene due to his ability to be a blank canvas for any artist. His versatility and artistic ability landed him a role as the first male spokesperson for Cover Girl. Many times, James Charles has told the press that he credits a good portion of his success to Tati Westrbook. When he launched his YouTube page back in 2015, he leaned on Tati for support. With already five years under her belt, Tati nurtured the talent, priming him for the spotlight that comes with being a Cover Girl spokesperson. Heavy is the head that wears the crown of a spokesperson. With Tati carving out a niche in the beauty realm of wellness supplements, her reign at the top of the cosmetic vitamin throne came into jeopardy. A rival brand developed a product named Sugar Bear Hair. This gummy vitamin launched into the stratosphere of popularity during Coachella 2019 when James Charles shared an Instagram story with the supplement. Naturally, this upset his mentor, Tati.

Tati Gains Most Viewers in 24 Hours…Twice

Upset, Tati released a video onto her YouTube channel called “Bye Sister.” In it, Tati aired her grievances over the James Charles situation. On May 11, 2019, Tati dropped the video that shook that world. In the video, Tati called out her former friend. She even went as far as to say James wouldn’t promote her products because “of his stance on vitamins and supplements.” This video release caused Tati’s page to gain an additional 1,281,750 followers. Simultaneously, James Charles became the first person in YouTube history to lose over a million viewers in just 24 hours. To add insult to injury, Tati set the #2 record for most followers within a 24-hour span. On May 12th, she gained yet another 1,190,230 followers to her YouTube page. James Charles tried to extinguish the flame. He released an apology video where he explained that he meant no harm. Furthermore, the fashion icon stated the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins actually helped him. Therefore, he felt compelled to shine a spotlight on the brand. With over 3 million follower losses and counting, James apologized to both Tati, and her husband, James Westbrook. However, the eight-minute video came off as insincere and melodramatic, massing an excessive amount of dislikes. The Tati Army instead has pushed the makeup tutorial star to 4.5 million more followers and counting.

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