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Tara Babcock – Famousss.com Tara Babcock – Famousss.com

Tara Babcock

Tara Babcock

Also known as

Tara Babcock Games



Birth Place

Seattle, Washington

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“Body of a Pornstar, mind of a Philosopher, and heart of a Gamer.” Straight from her Twitter page, and very well said at that. Tara is a sight for sore eyes and is very unique for her busty appearance on social media. Not to mention the bright blonde hair that as of recently seems to be more blue than anything.

For the past 5 years Tara has kept busy, providing her viewers 2 separate YouTube channels: 1 being a gaming channel and the other a vlogging one. She uses the gaming channel  to entertain others while playing a variety of games to cater to everyone’s likes, while the vlogging channel is used to basically do whatever she feels like, from philosophical content to sexy hauls, sex education and viewer mail unboxings. She wants to keep them separate so she can be herself on the vlog channel and exercise her rights to freedom of speech (within YouTube limits of course). Although she is successful on both channels, it seems that the vlog channel does slightly better at a subscriber number of 407k (compared to 199k on the gaming channel).

Tara Babcock Pictures

Although you need to request to follow Tara on Instagram, it is quite obvious what kind of pictures we would find on her page judging by her YouTube videos. We are thinking tons of selfies with her long, blue hair and very little clothing to show off her enormous knockers. We bet there are even pics of her pussy on there too (talking about her cat here people, geez).

Tara Babcock Videos

If you’re more into her gaming channel, you’ll find that Tara does not play any one specific game all the time. She pretty much plays whatever she wants. Sometimes she will play random indie games that “look cute” and other times she will play more competitive games like Overwatch. Her commentary of the gameplay is what makes her unique so check it out for yourself!

On the other hand, if you’re more into general topics (mostly involving sex) then her 2nd channel on vlogging is perfect for you (Men, settle down). As aforementioned, this content includes more profanity and other sensitive content that others may find offensive so you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

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