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Tanner Fox (Born: December 22, 1999 [age 18]) is one of the most popular YouTube celebrities out there. He lives his life like an open book for those to see and has been doing it since he was only seven years old. The YouTube star began his vlogs show off his hoverboard skills. Tanner’s first video, “INSANE 7-YEAR-OLD HOVERBOARD TRICKS AT THE SKATE PARK” has reached over 23 million views.

While he continues to grow his channel, Tanner has upped the ante when it comes to hoverboard stunts. Since his breakthrough video at seven, Tanner has also added scooters and skateboards to his arsenal. Doing this has led to his most popular video, “We Do It Best,” reach over 44 million views.

Living his life through the lens, Tanner has been very open about his dating life. He was dating Taylor Alesia for a while. However, they recently broke up. Even though they are no longer dating, the two remain close friends.

Since the breakup, Tanner has moved into a YouTube mansion. He lives with fellow YouTubers such as Maverick, Jordan Beau, and other influencers who have made it big on social media.

Using his name to lend to good causes, Tanner joined up with fellow YouTubers for the ACE Family Charity Basketball Event. On June 30, 2018, Tanner teamed up with Austin, Kristopher London, Ryan Swaze, Tre Carter, JC Caylen, and Landon of the L S Gang.

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