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Tamashii’s YouTube fame began in 2008 where she started to upload videos relating to hacks in the popular Pokémon games at that time. Due to some partnership issues with YouTube, she was forced to change direction with her videos so she started to release more videos pertaining to the Pokémon game subject alone, rather than the specific games.

From 2012-2014 she changed direction once again and catered more to the gaming community as a whole while still focussing mostly on Pokémon but not fully. Then in late 2014, due to her love for Pokémon, changed her focus back to Pokémon and Pokémon only which is all you will really find on her current YouTube channel today. Aside from Pokémon, you will find top 10 countdowns and review of retro games from the 90’s and 2000’s in a cinematic and comedic style that is entertaining for all ages.

You can watch Tamashii on Twitch live streams every Saturday and Sunday at 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST). Don’t forget to check out her unique merch here.

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Tamashii’s great love for Pokémon is pretty obvious, as a good chunk of her Insta photos involve something Pokémon related, whether it’s various games, her merch or stuffed animals/memorabilia. She is Pokémon obsessed and is not afraid to show it.

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Hopefully you enjoy Pokémon because that is mostly what her YouTube channel consists of. Whether it is playthroughs, reviews or just trivia and facts, this is where you will find anything you need to know about Pokémon.

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