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Talia Scott – Famousss.com Talia Scott – Famousss.com

Talia Scott

Talia Scott

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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This Nicaraguan and Mexican hottie is a Las Vegas native who we’d love to get sinful with. Talia Scott is a married vlogger who does food challengers with her husband Roger Scott, models social media brands, and records covers of popular artists. That’s why this Famousss star’s two YouTube pages have almost 500,000 subscribers. Plus, she has over 1.4 million followers on the @_taliascott Instagram account. So, we’ll just keep acting cuckold watching the Scott Family do their thing!

Talia Scott’s Net Worth

Talia Scott has been on a slow grind for decades. However, Talia Scott is starting to gain a lot of momentum. So you can expect the Scott Family net worth to go through the roof. As of October 2021, Talia Scott’s net worth is $175,000.

Talia Scott makes most of her money on her personal YouTube page. She has 152k subscribers. This page is dedicated to her cover songs. 

Talia Scott has done many impressive covers of popular songs, including:

  • Despacito
  • Tennessee Whiskey 
  • Perfect
  • Old Town Road
  • Body Like A Back Road
  • And more!

Her most popular video is the cover of Despacito by Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee. This video has over 6 million views. That means Talia Scott is making some of that YouTube money that other Famousss stars enjoy, like Sophia CuerquisKatie Noel, and Pretty Vee.

Many people enjoy the high-quality videos associated with these covers. Talia is a true artist who makes gorgeous rooftop videos or records herself on sound stages. She really tries to capture the essence of her emotions as she makes this content.

Her love for music has bled over into making original recording content. The star’s first major original success was Feel That, which has over 235k views. In over the 4 years, the song has had well over 3,000 likes and less than 100 thumbs down.

While Talia’s music career is her main source of income, the star has made a side hustle into a big business with her husband — Roger Scott. The two have created The Scott Family. 

@_thescottfamily has over 3.8 million followers on TikTok. The two do many popular TikTok challenges. Each video gets around 1 million views. Their entire page has 93.6 million likes! That makes The Scott Family a regular on the FYP feed.

To supplement this growing popularity, the twosome started the Scott Family YouTube channel on April 10, 2020. The Scott Family has 319k subscribers. Their most popular video has over 12 million views, and it’s called Throw it back PRANK on my husband!! #shorts. She essentially tricks him into a twerking position within seconds. This video has 369k thumbs up and 11k thumbs down.

The twosome likes to team up for food challenges, including:

With this growing success, Talia has found herself working with brands, including:

  •  Native
  • FitTrack
  • Verb
  • Hydro Jug

As she continues to gain more ambassador gigs, the net worth of Talia Scott is sure to increase. We’ll keep you updated on any changes to her the star’s net worth.

Talia Scott’s Family & Early Life

Talia Scott was born on April 14, 1991, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Aries is of Nicuargan and Mexican descent. She grew up in a middle-class family that had a high tight bond. They were all hard workers who weren’t afraid to hustle. That’s where Talia got her work ethic. 

Talia Scott’s Rise to Fame

Talia always had a knack for singing. It was a passion she always explored, performing in front of her family all the time. The star would even enroll in singing lessons at a young age.

In 2017, she started posting her covers on YouTube. When Talia Scott’s cover of Despacito hit a million views, she knew she was onto something. Talia kept releasing material, and it was gaining a ton of steam.

Talia Scott’s career would pick up when she married her husband, Roger Scott. People fell in love with their cute banter and their adorable challenge videos. Now, they are both becoming regulars among the Famousss

Talia Scott’s Relationships

We’d all love a piece of Talia Scott, but this saucy Latina is spoken for. Talia Scott is married to Roger Scott.

Talia Scott met Roger Scott at a club. As she explained in the video, You Can Find Love in the Club, Talia was supposed to go out with a friend. Talia didn’t want to go out, but the friend forced her.

After Talia got ready, she found out that her friend was still in her pajamas. At this point, Talia had already texted some girls. Annoyed, Talia decided to go out. That night, she met Roger. The rest was history. 

Roger and Talia Scott got engaged in March 2018. They released the video WE’RE ENGAGED. The entire proposal was captured on video as Roger got his knees in front of a circle of friends and family at the beach.

They got married in August 2020. In the video OUR WEDDING | MEET THE SCOTTS, the two shared many intimate videos and photos from this special day.  

Talia Scott’s Rumors and Controversies

Talia Scott is in love and living her life. There are no hellacious rumors or controversies about Talia Scott or Roger Scott. However, when drama in the Scott Family starts, the Famousss will be here to report it. 

Other Notable Facts About Talia Scott

Jennifer Lopez is Talia Scott’s celebrity girl crush. Roger agrees, too!

Talia has no problem hamming up her basic tendencies. She loves when fall hits because it’s time to get a pumpkin spice latte. Roger likes to give her crap for it, but this chick don’t care!

The two are slowly considering starting a family. They’ve made prank videos about being pregnant or talking about trying. However, it’s something the young couple is starting to seriously consider.

Talia admits that her boobs are small, and she’s proud of it. Roger likes the size of them too. He calls them “perfect” and a “good grab.” Well, thanks for sharing. If there are opportunities to test this theory out, be sure to let us know.

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