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This Miami Mami is a fiery TikTok comedian. Syd$, Syddollarsign, Syd Erin, whatever you decide to call her, don’t call her bad in bed, or she’ll call you out. The 20-year-old star rose to the Famousss after going viral when she had her ex-hookups fill out a survey about their experience. This 5’3″ star is a blonde-haired, brown-eyed smoke show. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Syd$’s Net Worth

Syd$ is new to the world of content creation. Her star is on the rise, so she isn’t making that dolladolla as her name would imply. However, she ain’t stressin’ it. Syd Erin’s net worth is $60,000.

The @syddollasign @TikTok page has 851k followers, which grows by the thousands daily. Her unique take on comedy, hot bod, and shock-joke personality is really catching on with her audience. She has been regularly featured on TikTok’s FYP and will probably be there more often now that she’s Famousss.

Her Instagram @syderin has followers. This account is mostly bikini shots and modeling pics. It seems like she went to get into marketing and endorsing brands. We expect her to make big money by the end of 2021, repping brands on IG posts and TikTok videos.

These goals are already becoming a reality for Syd Erin. She reps with Iris Dating. Iris Dating tries to take catfishing out of online dating. Each account’s pictures are vetted for validity. Plus, new users must take a selfie to get into the community. So, they compare oldies with the new selfie to determine you’re legit. 

Syddollasign also works with Boutique Bellesa. They sell women’s undergarments and sex toys. Syd$ has helped them host contests and giveaways, including for talking. Where do we sign up?

You can also follow @syddollasign on Twitter. She has 7,500 followers as of June 2021. Her account is mainly just thoughts about current events. She likes to joke about conspiracy theories and spew out random thoughts. Whatever comes out of that mouth, we’ll watch, listen, or retweet.

Syd$’s Family & Early Life

Syd$ was born as Syd Erin in Miami, Florida. We don’t know much about her upbringing other than she always liked to dance and tell jokes. The star made herself the center of attention. It’s no wonder why she’s taking to her new stardom so well. 

When she was growing up, Syd Erin wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She just knew she wanted to see the world. So, she left the beautiful weather of Miami to pursue a degree at Penn State University. 

Syd$’s Rise to Fame

Syd$ started her TikTok in September 2019 with a video called “this is a joke i’m a virginian.” She would continue to experiment with the social media platform, really just using as a way to express her comedic side. Then, she blew up.

As her bio says,

“comedy but make it mildly concerning.”

Syd$ went there. As she told Cosmopolitan, the 20-year old star sent a simple Google survey to at least five past hookups. This list included the guy she lost her virginity to!

One person turned it down. However, four others participated. She read the highlights of their responses and offered her reactions to what they had to say about her performance. 

Once the videos went viral, her ex who didn’t participate said he was glad that he didn’t do it. 

Syd$ explained,

“One of the guys responded to my initial text asking to fill out the survey and said ‘no, absolutely not.’ Then my first video went viral and he stopped me the next day and was like ’10 million views? Thank God I didn’t fill mine out!’”

A couple of guys thought it was all in good fun. They even recorded their reactions to her reactions. She loved it. 

In the survey, Syd left a section for Additional Comments. One ex asked for his hoodies back. That made her crack up. 

However, Syddollasign said,

“Yeah, he’s just not getting them back. I appreciated his survey answers though!”

You earned it, Syd.

Syd$’s Relationships

Well, we know that Syd$ is currently single and definitely not a virgin. However, she kisses and tells. So, as long as you’re okay with being roasted (although anonymously), then you should try sliding into her DMs. Maybe even look up to see if she has an Iris Dating account?

She is a little heartbroken over some lovers she had in the past, as she expressed in a TikTok where Syd Erin gave the middle finger to an ex who doesn’t care about her anymore. 

When she is in a relationship, she overthinks things. As she shows in a TikTok, she tends to write out texts in her Notes prior to sending them so she can perfect what she says.

We’re sure a hot ticket like this Miami heat won’t be on the market forever. So we’ll keep an eye on Syd Erin’s relationship status. However, we suspect she will be the first tell everyone when she’s in a relationship. God bless that dude!

Syd$’s Rumors and Controversies

One thing that Syd learned from this experience is that the guys who filled the survey out really enjoyed hooking up with her. However, she doesn’t feel the same way.

Syd Erin said she left some of those experiences unsatisfied. That rubbed some of the guys the wrong way. 

Other Notable Facts About Syd$

The name Syddollasign is inspired by Tyga Dolla Sign. 

Syd$ identifies as a pansexual. That means they are open to anything, any race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious background. She shared an eye-rolling TikTok declaring her pansexual status while responding to someone telling her she might as well be a lesbian. 

Like other Famousss stars Dhar Mann and Celina Smith, Syd$ like some good weed. She once tweeted,

“my mom is calling me to talk about my taxes but idk how to tell her i’m busy sm*king a bowl w my roommate & cinematically critiquing muppets in space.” 

We’d love to know what she thought about the Muppets…or anything, really. Anything to get us closer to Syd$

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