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Joseph Alminawi

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New York, United States

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Joseph Alminawi (Born: December 6, 1981 [Age: 37]) rose to fame in 2008. When Call of Duty was at its hottest, Alminawi, under the moniker Swiftor, started gaining popularity for his customs in the popular war game. As his viewers amassed, Swiftor started organizing games. While this has remained a passion of his, he does admit to being a stickler for the rules. As he explains on his Twitch, “I’m a serious jerk when it comes to rules. For me, someone in my game following the rules is important for a lot of reasons, but in the end, it just comes down to respect for the channel and what we do here. So yeah, I’m going to be a stickler about some really minor seeming things — but it’s important to me, and I hope that you stick to the things that are important to you too!”

Swiftor’s Twitch channel started up in 2008, but he first tried his hand on streaming back in April of 2006. On his YouTube channel, Swiftor gained the reputation of starting his video titles with “Swiftor Says.” This form of branding has led to a cult-like following that has blown up into a full-time gig. In fact, he even does “Swiftor Says” branded Call of Duty games. It works like the classic game “Simon Says.” The goal is to kill other players…if Swiftor says you can!

When Swiftor isn’t streaming video games on his site, he is sharing his love for horror movies. In particular, he has a penchant for the Halloween franchise, frequently showcasing the iconic murder, Michael Myers, in his videos.

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