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Sweet Anita Tourette's

Sweet Anita

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Sweet Anita (Born: July 28, 1990) is a famous Twitch star with Tourette’s Syndrome. Due to her condition, Sweet Anita is known as one of the most foul-mouthed Twitch stars. She lives a very interesting life and has gained many followers from her stories. Sweet Anita also advocates for Tourette’s awareness.

Sweet Anita Early Beginnings 

We don’t know the real name of Sweet Anita. What we do know is that she grew up in East Anglia. The star says she grew up in a region locals referred to as “the southwest.” 

Sweet Anita dealt with Tourette’s Syndrome her whole life. However, she was unaware that she had a condition. Many chalked it up to her being attention-seeking.

When she was younger, Sweet Anita used to yell obscenities in public. At times, she would randomly spank strangers. 

At 13, she decided to find out what was wrong on her own. She went on a bus to her primary care doctor to discuss her condition. The doctor told Sweet Anita that she would grow out of this behavior. 

Many thought that her behavior was a reaction to her upbringing. However, she was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in 2016 at the age of 24. 

Sweet Anita Homeless

At one point, Sweet Anita found herself homeless. She was living in a treehouse that was in a hippie compound. During this time, Sweet Anita took part in no formal schooling. 

For money, Sweet Anita would pick sea glass by the seashore. She would choose pastel colors and sell them for profit. Her attempts to make ends meet once found Sweet Anita knee-deep in a pit of poop, dead animals, and acid. 

Sweet Anita Joins Jake Woof Overwatch Stream

Sweet Anita decided to try a hand at streaming after an accidental guest appearance on the Twitch channel of Jake Woof. As Jake was queuing up a game, he heard the whistles of Sweet Anita. He thought it was music, but it turned out to be a person. 

After talking with her for a bit, he realized Sweet Anita was funny. So, he had her on as a guest for an Overwatch livestream. Sweet Anita had such a great time and discussed further options with Woof. 

That’s when Woof introduced her to Twitch. After a lot of thought, Sweet Anita decided to start her own Twitch page. 

Sweet Anita Fears Joining Twitch Due to Tourette’s

Sweet Anita was very skeptical about joining Twitch. She knew her condition caused her to say words that might violate the Twitch Terms of Service. 

Woof insisted it wouldn’t be an issue. He promised Sweet Anita that Twitch was an open-minded community that wouldn’t hold her back for her condition. 

This made Sweet Anita visit her doctor to get an official diagnosis. That way, if Twitch decided to ban her page, she would have a medical document to reinstate her channel. 

Sweet Anita Joins Twitch and Grows Following

Within one month of joining Twitch, she already amassed 150,000 followers. 

She became one of the frontier gamers in the Tourette’s community. As Sweet Anita gets excited, some of her tics start to develop. For one, she begins twitching and whistling like a bird. 

At times, she will yell sexually explicit language. Some of her most notorious rants include:

  • I’ll f*** your fiends
  • Can I c** on your biscuit?
  • B**** lasagna
  • Fish Fisters
  • Kitten

She knew she hit it big when she signed one day to see 1,600 people already waiting to watch her play. There were bread emojis in the chat and people inquiring if there were any “Biscuit f******” out there. 

When Sweet Anita logged on, she looked straight into the camera. The gamer let out a loud popping noise and then said, “Go f*** your friends. Can I f*** your friends?” Her donations reached a new milestone within seconds!

Sweet Anita Becomes Twitch Partner and Tourette’s Scrutiny

The popularity of Sweet Anita was impossible to deny. After a couple of months on the platform, Twitch offered the star an official partnership. With this notoriety, undoubtedly comes the scrutiny.

People started questioning the authenticity of Sweet Anita’s Tourette Syndrome. They said that she faked her outbursts and created slogans that would catch on and earn her profits. 

Sweet Anita fought back, calling the accusations “flattering.” The starlet felt she would have to be an incredible “voice actor” to pull off such a convincing bout of Tourette’s during every stream. 

Sweet Anita and Tourette’s Triggers on Twitch

While many Twitch stars like Trick2g will stream up to 12 hours at a time, Sweet Anita has to cut herself off at four. At that point, she becomes overstimulated and will start to lash out uncontrollably with tics and explicit language. 

Also, Sweet Anita has triggers that set her off on outbursts. For instance, the word “banana” causes her to go on a tirade where she speaks in an accent about anime-related topics. 

Many of her viewers find these rants entertaining. However, Sweet Anita admits that they drain her of energy. She also said that they’re embarrassing and makes her upset that she can’t control it. That’s why she limits her livestreams to offset this lack of independence. 

Also, too many tics make Sweet Anita physically sick. She will start to vomit uncontrollably and even have blood in puke. While she won’t divulge more details about her illness, Sweet Anita attributes this side effect to an autoimmune disease. 

Sweet Anita Personal Life

While Sweet Anita has a very interesting story, she likes to maintain her privacy. She has sheltered her mother from the public eye.

Sweet Anita dealt with the trauma of her mother contracting an illness from a volcano. She has a life long illness. Her father is an African American. We don’t know if her parents are stilled married, but both seem to be a part of Sweet Anita’s life to this day. 

Besides the illness of her mother and the unexplained homelessness, Sweet Anita focuses on her Tourette’s advocacy and gaming. 

Currently, Sweet Anita cares for 35 animals that range from rats to chinchillas. She believes she’s cared for over 200 animals to date. 

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