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Meghan Camarena

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Fresno, California

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Meghan, known online as Strawburry17, stays fairly busy running 2 YouTube channels. Her fame began in 2007 where she created a channel with hilarious content including taste-testing, unboxing, and reviewing apps and games.

Her screen name is based off of the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon but because the proper spelling of “strawberry” was taken, she changed it and kept that for her screen name for future projects and branding. She shortly after began getting offers from record and media companies and the success continued from there.

Aside from her YouTube fame, Meghan has also appeared on TV shows such as The Amazing Raceand even co-hosted a video game themed variety show called While she maintains her 2 YouTube channels, she continues to pursue hosting, voice acting and producing.

Strawburry17 Pictures​

Meghan poses as a super cute blonde in all of her pics. She loves to have fun and travel and enjoys posing for the camera with her boyfriend Jon. If you’re a fan of her pink sweater, you can purchase it here.

Strawburry17 Videos

As aforementioned, she manages 2 YouTube channels: one includes various videos in relation to DIY, creating and trying new treats, vlogging and minimal gaming where as her main gaming channel (Strawburry17Plays) is strictly gaming related.

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