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It is no wonder why her online pseudonym is STPeach, because damn, she sure is peachy alright. This curvy blonde Canadian icon is best known for her competitive gameplay in a variety of games but seems to be into Apex Legends as of lately. Aside from gaming highlights, Lisa loves to post various vlogs (a lot of fitness related ones) and a bunch of other ideas that randomly come to mind. She loves to involve her fiancé in a bunch of her videos to add to the current entertainment she provides to her 213k YouTube subscribers.

Being born in Alberta, Lisa and her fiancé Jay just recently relocated to California where he currently works as a Nurse. They also have 2 adorable cats (Leo and Alfred) which they love to death and it sure shows, having some merch created around both of them. Check it out here.

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Just a natural beauty Lisa is, taking every opportunity possible to show off that curvy body of hers. She is a fitness fanatic and it’s no surprise when you see the pics she posts to her Insta account. Lisa is also into cosplay so be sure to catch some photos in some pretty sexy outfits as well.

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Lisa loves to post different vlogs on fitness, travelling cosplaying and her life in general. Aside from that, you will catch gaming highlights from her Twitch streams. Don’t be surprised to spot her fiancé, Jay, in some of her uploads from time to time.

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