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Stacy Hinojosa

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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Well, we hope you like Minecraft because this girl absolutely LOVES it and when you visit her YouTube page, you’ll see why. She is a Minecraft enthusiast who gained her fame back in 2013 for creating a unique commentary style for her Minecraft videos in particular.

If you’re not so into Minecraft then don’t worry because although her main focus is on that game itself, she also enjoys playing indie and adventure games. Even recently she started posting video updates every Monday where she creates a 1-on-1 vlog about events and things that catch her interest.

So, even if you aren’t into gaming in general, you can check out her secondary YouTube channel called stacyvlogs, comprised of short video-blogs about various events in her life that were rather interesting to chare with her viewers. This account does not receive as much attention as her main gaming account but if this interests you, check it out here!

We will give you the heads up now, that if you are ever catching a live stream of Stacy’s, don’t be offended when she refers to you as a “Potato Flake.” This is her way of showing appreciation to her fans, believe it or not.

Stacyplays Pictures

Minecraft, Minecraft and more…”Dogcraft?” What is that you ask? It is a modded world where Stacy “rescues” different breeds of dogs and builds things out of her real life/own imagination. It is actually very impressive and unique and to see some of the work she has done, her social media would be where to find it.

She also promotes some of her own merch through Instagram. Check it out here!

Stacyplays Videos

As suspected, TONS of Minecraft…on her gaming channel anyway. If you’re looking for vlogs, check out her secondary channel listed above. How does she have 1.2 million YouTube subscribers for someone who only plays Minecraft? You will have to check it out for yourself, as she has a unique commentary and qwirky attitude in each video she posts.

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