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This hot mom is changing the game in the fitness and the world of the Famousss. Stacy J Rody is a 43-year-old influencer from Tacoma, Washington, who is The Evergreen State’s favorite MILF. She is a devout Christian who gives beauty tips and sells clothing through social media sites. With 13.7k followers on her @stacyrody Instagram account, it is clear people care what this former Shakeology rep has to say. We’re certainly listening!

Stacy Rody’s Net Worth

Stacy Rody has a net worth of $100,000. She earns most of her income through her fitness business. Stacy Rody coaches her clients virtually and in-person through

The star charges monthly memberships for various counseling sessions. Recently, she held an online boto camp. She also has a newsletter complete with workout tips and helps you plan a healthier lifestyle. 

Stacy Rody also makes bank as an influencer on social media. This Tacoma bombshell charges top tier to be featured on her LikeToKnow page

The Texas-born fashionista partner with:

Stacy Rody also has an official YouTube channel. She currently has 5.83k subscribers. The average video gets around 3,000 views. So, she earns a little chingle from the YouTube ad revenue structure. 

Stacy Rody’s Early Life & Family

Stacy J. Rody was born on July 17, 1978, in Texas. Stacy J. Rody’s birth name is Stacy J Meredith. This 43-year-old cancer zodiac was born to a very religious family. Her parent’s names are Charles and Teresa Meredith. 

While we don’t know much about Stacy’s family, we do know that she attended church with them regularly. She didn’t start taking her relationship with Jesus seriously until she was 12. Even then, she never fully embraced the Lord until she turned 23.  

At 12, she started to think about others first when someone told her,

“You might be cute on the outside, but as soon as you open your mouth, nothing important comes out.” 

At 23, Stacy J Rody faced many emotional setbacks. They caused the country girl to reassess her life, including kicking a cigarette addiction of five years.

This change in habits combined with the harsh advice at a young age resonated with hert. Stacy realized that she needed to be humbled by Jesus. Since then, she’s been on a path to success. 

Stacy Rody’s Rise to Fame

Stacy Rody has been on a slow grind. She didn’t like school growing up. The future viral sensation had dreams of being an aesthetician. She dreamed of being like Tati Westbrook or Jeffree Star. Stacy Rody started making videos about makeup tutorials on her YouTube in 2014. 

When she moved to Tacoma, Washington, Stacy went all-in on her business. The influencer transitioned from beauty to fitness, bringing along some of the loyal followers she already made. 

Once Instagram fashion modeling became a thing, Stacy was set. She joined Like to Know It and immediately became a target for top companies like Nordstrom and Amazon. Now, this aesthetician and fitness guru is living her best life. 

Stacy Rody’s Relationships

Stacy Meredith fell in love at 19. That person broke her heart. She jumped from one bad relationship to the next. Finally, she took a year off of dating to find herself. 

Eventually, she met her future husband, Matthew Rody, on a blind date. The couple fell in love and got married sometime in 2006. 

Matt has been a large part of her success. He didn’t have the most impressive body during various points of her marriage. Stacy Rody helped Matt Rody get into better shape. She documented his journey. 

Many people were impressed with his results, which resulted in more people following Stacy. So, his healthier habits helped his family…and their bank account!

Stacy Rody is a mom of three. The oldest daughter is entering middle school. Her name is Samantha, whom Stacy calls “Sam.”

The middle child is Jude Rody. Matt and Stacy Rody just welcomed Baby Lily in early 2020. 

Stacy Rody’s Rumors & Controversies 

Stacy Rody is a God-fearing individual. However, it did come to light that she used to have problems with partying, drugs, and alcohol. No, she’s not on the level of Lana Rhoades or Jayce Ivanah

However, the star says she kicked all of the demons when she had her “come to Jesus moment” at 23. She stands by the woman she has become and is pretty free of other rumors and controversies. 

Other Notable Facts About Stacy Rody

This Texan girl grew up with a pony named Partner. Stacy Rody learned how to French braid hair by training on her pet horse. 

Stacy Rody had a self-professed gummy bear addiction that she kicked with the support of dried fruit. After having her second baby, she realized she was also sensitive to gluten. These changes in her body have deeply impacted how the fitness influencer looks at food.

Since she’s noticed this, Stacy has become a huge advocate for gluten-free living. She creates content about products you should try and which foods are free of contamination. 

Stacy Rody worked at Nordstorm as an aesthetician for seven years. She blames this time for her addiction to shopping. However, she still partners with the brand even all of the years after quitting them! 

One of Stacy’s go-to products for acne is lavender oil. It’s rich in linalool, which has astringent abilities. Lavender oil also smells wonderful and is relaxing. For someone who used to be anxious a lot, Stacy really appreciates the soothing qualities of aromatherapy.We’d love to give her a massage with lavender oils to really help her relax!

Stacy Rody’s favorite book is The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. She insists that it changed her life to become a more successful business person. It taught her to see the bigger picture and plan ahead accordingly!

Stacy has a passion for home decorating. However, she admits that she isn’t the best at it. The humble influencer admits that things don’t come easy to her. She must work hard to get good at them. That’s what she plans on doing while she tries to master interior decorating. 

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