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Welcome to the page of SSSniperWolf, but she will insist you call her Lia or Wolf. Lia is a 26 year-old British-American who loves to stream on Twitch but her bread and butter is creating videos on YouTube.  She fancies gaming (see what I did there), but the majority of her YouTube videos are of her performing some pretty hilarious things like destroying stuff with a flamethrower. What really makes Lia unique are her priceless reactions in her videos.

Having originally started her YouTube career as a gaming channel, since 2017 the majority of her content has changed to reaction videos. This is where the majority of her fame built from and she is now one of the biggest female gamers with the largest following throughout social media and YouTube (14 million subscribers) even though her channel is no longer centered around gaming. If you’re looking to catch any live streams, Twitch will not be the place for it as she has mostly moved streaming to her YouTube channel. If you want a good laugh, Lia will give you one.

Wondering where the name “SSSniperWolf” came from? It is actually a combination of her first YouTube channel, sexysexysniper and Sniper Wolf, one of the primary antagonists of her all-time favorite game, Metal Gear Solid. I think we can all agree with the “sexy sexy” part.

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Lia isn’t the most active person on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, as we mentioned earlier that she is highly into YouTube streaming. But, if you want to watch a gorgeous British-American streamer dress in different Fortnite outfits and try different Fortnite emotes, then you’re definitely in the right place. Fortnite lovers, enjoy!

SSSniperWolf Videos

Her reactions and impersonations are absolutely remarkable. If you’re curious to what we mean, check out this link for yourself. It is these reactions that contribute to her YouTube fame, giving the viewers an easy laugh every time.

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