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This 21-year old hottie has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. People are always looking to see what Sophie Mudd is wearing (or not wearing) next! Sophie Mudd has brown hair and brown eyes that pierce through her images. No wonder why she has many followers on her Sophie Rose OnlyFans! 

This 21-year old hottie has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. People are always looking to see what Sophie Mudd is wearing (or not wearing) next! Sophie Mudd has brown hair and brown eyes that pierce through her images. No wonder why she has many followers on her Sophie Rose OnlyFans! 

Sophie Mudd’s Net Worth 

While Sophie Mudd hit the scene back in 2013, she’s playing the long game. This model and internet star has a cool $500,000 net worth. In 2021, most of her earnings come from her OnlyFans page. At times, she runs subscriptions for as low as $3.00!

Sophie Mudd is a contracted model for MP Management. MP Management is a powerhouse and is able to get their talent involved with some pretty big names. 

Ad campaigns that involved Sophie Mudd include:

  • Nike
  • Le Jolie
  • Bananhot,
  • Body Glove Girl
  • Frankie’s
  • Revolve
  • Beverly Hills Bikini Shop
  • Romeo Powder Technology
  • Shadow Hills
  • Prix Workshop
  • Cloud 

While Mudd has made decent money modeling, a lot of it has gone into upkeeping the commodity. She regularly gets lip injections done. Plus, many people speculate Sophie Mudd had breast implants. However, she denies that claim to be true. 

Mudd insists that her skinny frame accentuates her naturally big boobs. Sophie Mudd has 32D breasts. That’s a lot of natural growth. We don’t care either way. Just keep taking them bikini snaps, Sophie!

Sophie Mudd’s Early Life and Family 

Sophie Mudd was born for superstardom in Los Angeles, California. That is where she lives today, making a successful living as a model and influencer. Her birthday is July 27, 1998. That makes the 21-year-old social media star a Leo. 

Not much is known about her parents, other than they’re very business savvy. They instilled hard work into Sophie and her brother, Nicholas Mudd, at a very early age. 

Nicholas and Sophie Mudd went to Campbell Hall School. Sophie was very popular for her beauty. Plus, she has a quirky personality that makes it fun for guys to chill with her. 

It also helped that she was a star in track and field. The future internet star competed in the Delphic League Meet at Notre Dame High School in March 2012. 

While many people were drawn to Sophie, her family describes her as shy and soft-spoken. They’re relieved how well she adapted to becoming such a popular public persona. 

Since they were close to Hollywood, her parents always pushed show business onto her. They saw the opportunities that were to come before her just due to her beauty. 

Mudd grew up with a diverse background. She has different Latin American and Anglo roots that create her unique skin tone. Millions love this exotic beauty. That’s why her @sophiemudd Instagram account has over 2 million followers!

Sophie Mudd’s Rise to Fame 

Sophia Mudd rose to fame slowly through the organic growth of her @sophiemudd Instagram account. Her first mass-follow came on November 23, 2013. 

She took a picture next to graffiti on a wall. There was a scene painted with a balloon that says “love kills.” Sophia is looking away, laughing. Her post is tagged at the Sparkle Factory on Broadway in Los Angeles. 

The influencer knew what she was doing with the caption “Tara Tarantino.” It implied she was working with this high-end jeweler. People thought Sophie Mudd was someone. So, they gave her a follow…and haven’t stopped since. 

In just one month of dropping the Sparkle Factory post, she gained over half a million viewers. As of January 2021, @SophieMudd is at 2.1 million followers on Instagram. 

Sophie is trying to branch out. She recently opened her @sophiarosemudd TikTok account. As of February 2021, she only has three videos. Yet, the hottie has over 25,000 followers dying for more content. 

With her growing prominence in the modeling world, FHM Magazine has taken a liking to Sophie. They named her “the next Emily Ratajkowski” and also pegged the rising star to be “the next famous American model.”

Sophie Mudd’s Relationships 

Sophie Mudd is beautiful. She can turn any head by walking into the room. That’s why this superstar has been linked to some pretty elite beaus. 

Sophie Mudd dated Conard Hughes Hilton Jr. He is the brother of Paris Hilton and an heir to the Hilton fortune. They met when Conrad slid into Sophie’s DMs on Instagram. Hilton and Mudd dated for about a year in 2014. 

Sophie has been dating male model Austin Dash Williams since June 19, 2017. He is the son of controversial television host Stacey Dash.  

Austin is eight years her senior. However, they are completely in love. 

She calls him “FBD,” which stands for “future baby daddy.” They’re already on a trial run. Austin bought her a black and brown poodle named Alfie. 

Sophie Mudd Rumors and Controversies 

In 2018, Sophie Mudd was under attack for a wardrobe malfunction in one of her videos. She was wearing a bikini with an American flag top. In the video, Sophie jumped, and she experienced a quick nip slip. 

Mudd wasn’t aware of the issue until comments started pouring in. The video has since been removed due to a potential violation of YouTube terms and services. 

This isn’t her first or last time dealing with critics. Just on February 2, 2021, she retweeted

“I love when mean girls dm me and tell me to get swimsuit tops that actually fit… WHERE?!? TELL ME WHERE.”

Another controversy surrounding Sophie Mudd isn’t exactly her problem. Her boyfriend’s mom is the FOX News host Stacey Dash. 

Although she is African American, Stacey is accused of being a reverse racist.  

Many believe that Austin Williams has the same racist tendencies. He’s been accused of racist behavior in the past. As a result, he deleted his social media. Some of this backlash rubbed off on Sophie. However, people have since forgotten about the issues. While her and Austin are still together, she rarely posts anything about him. 

Other Notable Facts About Sophie Mudd 

Although she is Famousss, Sophie Mudd is a lot like us. She is obsessed with Johnny Depp. Her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. The star is also a pretty big Kiera Knightley fan. 

When Sophie dines out, she prefers Italian foods. Although she rarely wears blue and red, Sophie insists they’re her favorite colors.

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