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Sophia Cuerquis – Famousss.com Sophia Cuerquis – Famousss.com

Sophia Cuerquis

Sophia Cuerquis

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This Filipino YouTube star is making a change in the lives of New Brunswick, New Jersey seniors, as the fashionista is getting into healthcare. In the meantime, Sophia Cuerquis, or Pia as fans call her, is making these dreams come true by supporting herself through college, Her YouTube channel has 70.4k subscribers. In addition, her @sophiacuerquis Instagram has 165k subscribers, making Sophia Cuerquis a shoo-in for the life of the Famousss

Sophia Cuerquis’ Net Worth

Sophia Cuerquis is all over the place but still has a pretty low net worth for someone as popular as she is. However, a lot of Sophia’s money is going towards student loans. That’s why Sophia Cuerquis’ net worth is $100,000.

Sophia Cuerquis makes most of her money off of YouTube ads. Her average video gets around 20,000 views. So, she gets featured on YouTube feeds often. 

As her brand grows, Sophia has been approached to be an influencer. She is a brand ambassador for many popular brands, including:

Sophia also makes that bank as a Fashion Nova rep, which many other Famousss stars do, including Ana CheriOlivia Ponton, and Nata Lee

Sophia Cuerquis’ Early Life & Family

Sophia Maree Austria Cuerquis was born in the Philippines on September 24, 1998. This 23-year-old Libra moved to the United States when she was three years old. She currently resides with her family in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

As a child, Sophia took gymnastics, karate, and piano lessons. These hobbies made Sophia Maree want to perform at a very young age. 

Sophia Cuerquis has three siblings. She has an older sister named Paula. She is still really close with Paula, as the two host the Second Thought Podcast. The two have candid conversations about hot topics and spill the tea together. Additionally, Sophia Cuerquis has two younger brothers named Nicky and Angelo. 

As a child, Sophia was really into gymnastics. She would actually be a gymnastics coach for the Jersey Shore Gymnastics Academy in 2016. During that time, Sophia developed an instructional program for young gymnasts. She observed and assisted young athletes. The star also provided emotional and physical support to both parents and students.

Sophia Cuerquis’ Rise to Fame

Sophia Cuerquis started her YouTube channel on November 27, 2016. That day, she posted her first video Black Friday Haul 2016, which still has yet to hit 1,000 views. That didn’t deter the star from making content just for fun. 

Sophia Cuerquis would use her Instagram as a way to communicate with friends and family. However, her beauty and undeniable talent would shine through. People were captivated by her beauty and fun personality. Eventually, her followers got very large.

That provoked Sophia to make the @sophiacuerquis TikTok account. This FYP feed regular boasts 379.7K followers and 27.8 million likes. The star posts hilarious lip-synchs that features her friends and family. 

Sophia Cuerquis’ Relationships

Sophia Cuerquis is a fun-loving girl, and the men love her. She has an ex-boyfriend named Tyler. Sophia and Tyler dated in 2016. He was in a video called American Tries Filipino Snacks! Tyler made a lot fo weird faces to the foods in these videos. He didn’t seem to have quite the camera persona as his girl. No longer they didn’t last.

As of 2021, Sophia Cuerquis is in a relationships, but with someone whose name we don’t know. However, she did post a pic with him, saying,

“loving you always comes easy…❤️”

We will keep you updated on the name of Sophia Cuerquis’ boyfriend once we find it out. Whomever he is, he has a resemblance to Nash Grier

Sophia Cuerquis’ Rumors & Controversies 

Sophia Cuerquis is a sweet girl who does a lot for her community. She has volunteered at many senior citizen’s centers.

As her LinkedIn profile explains,

“While interning at the senior center, I have interacted with many seniors. During my time here, I assisted the main desk area with work that needed to be done. I conducted computer classes, lunch and learn seminars, and help keep the seniors feel welcomed and valued.”

This self-made star also put herself through school. It is hard to find rumors and controversies about Sophia Cuerquis.

Notable Facts About Sophia Cuerquis

Sophia Cuerquis attended Atlantic Cape Community College to earn her Associate’s Degree in Biological Sciences. Then, she attended Rutgers University for four years, where was once named the CoEd of the Day. While the pandemic ruined her senior year, she still graduated. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration.

While she enjoys creating content, this line of work is her passion and true calling. 

As she explains,

“Currently I’m looking for jobs in management, marketing, or work within the hospital. Being in a major that relies on management, marketing, finance, etc. it is challenging yet exciting to know that there are so many things to learn, problems to solve, and more to build. I am a character unlike no other and am ready to take on the world’s challenges as the one and only, Sophia Cuerquis.”

Sophia Cuerquis has an apparel line called Ignited Apparel. The name came from her old blog titled “Spark of Thoughts.” The company’s slogan is, “Ignite your spark.”

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and specializes in affordable clothing around the $20-$40 range. As of 2021, Ignited Apparel is on hiatus, but their website says the store is coming back soon and working on something special. We can’t wait to see what it is!

Her favorite season is the summer, and she loves chocolate. 

Sophia Maree is a very talented musician. She plays the piano, guitar, and ukelele. Once in a while, she’s known to sing.

Yellow is her favorite color, and Grey’s Anatomy is her favorite show of all-time.

Sophia was voted “Most Likely to Travel the World” in high school. The star believes it is fitting because vacations are her favorite pasttime. We’ll follow her anywhere she wants to go! 

Sophia was a big gamer growing up. World of Warcraft and Minecraft were her favorite games.

Sophia is a self-professed night owl. She really hates to get up early and gets most of her work done at night. When she does try to fall asleep, the star listens to podcasts. 

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