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This burgeoning star is on an ascension that no one can touch. Sissy Sheridan is a 17-year-old actress who has already worked with the likes of Emma Stone. This brown-haired, brown-eyed Gemini already has 1 million followers on her @itsissysheridan Instagram account. We’re looking forward to seeing what else Sissy Sheridan brings to the world of the Famousss.

Sissy Sheridan’s Net Worth

Sissy Sheridan is on the rise, and her 2021 net worth is nowhere near the high ticket she’ll be commanding in the near future. The current net worth of Sissy Sheridan is $500,000.

Her most significant source of income is through her acting career. The largest role she earned was on the 2018 limited Netflix series, ManiacThis series starred Hollywood powerhouses Jonah Hill, Sally Field, Emma Stone, and Justin Theroux. 

Sissy Sheridan played the role of Asia in Maniac. Asia was a Milgram kid who was used in experiments. Her role was only one episode, but it opened a lot of eyes in Hollywood. 

Sissy is the host of the Nickelodeon show, DIY with Me. The first episode aired on May 19, 2018. The star made a mug inspired by JoJo Siwa

Now, she’s making big bucks on the Disney Channel. Sissy Sheridan plays Layla on Raven’s Home.

Additionally, the Sissy Sheridan YouTube page has 46,200 subscribers. She uses this outlet to post vlogs that earn her ad revenue. Sissy also hocks products. She posted a highly successful video about her skin routine, promoting MDacne along the way. 

Sissy also makes music videos that are starting to grow in popularity. Her biggest single is called Who Me? This song is about girl power. 

As Sissy explains,

“When I realize three boys, (Johnny Barnes, Luca Schaefer-Charlton, and Tayson Madkour) are playing me, I decide to turn the tables and play them while undercover!”

Prior to the pandemic, Sissy started making media appearances. She was on hand for Playlist Live in early 2020. This convention brought content creators together with their audiences. 

While the 2021 PlayList Live was canceled, Sissy is looking forward to many more opportunities to meet and greet with her fans soon.  

Sissy Sheridan’s Early Life & Family 

Sissy Sheridan was born on June 15, 2004, in Washington, D.C. Not much is known about Sissy Sheridan’s family; other than that, she has an older brother named Julian. The two grew up with three dogs in their house. 

Her family is very supportive of the burgeoning star’s career. They’ve supported her since day one. Growing up in the Nation’s Capital, Sissy was well-versed in arts and entertainment. 

At a very young age, she started taking dance lessons. Her initial dance instruction class was tap. This dance style easily transitioned into ballet. However, Sissy decided to switch things up and also take on some jazz lessons.

Simultaneously, Sissy was breaking her teeth in community theatre. 

Sissy Sheridan’s Rise to Fame

Sissy Sheridan’s path to the Famousss has been a slow and steady one. The star has been honing her acting chops since a little girl. 

Her first community theatre break happened in 2017. She was cast as little Orphan Annie Warbucks in a production put on by the Olney Theatre Center in Olney, Mayland.

Once she heard the roar of the crowd, Sissy Sheridan was hooked. She continued to act in little productions and hone her dance skills. However, she also started shopping around her reel. 

Her big breakthrough was the Nickelodeon show DIY with Me. 

Sissy almost didn’t get that job. She was cast as an extra on a film set in Kentucky. Then, Sissy got the call to come to New York to do the Nickeloden taping. Sissy was on a flight the next day.

During the audition, she had ten minutes to make a bangle wrist trinket. She did this task by just using paintbrushes, paint, scissors, a water bottle, and washi tape. Execs were impressed, and the rest was history. 

Sissy’s next big role was cast in Chicken Girls in the role of Angie. She joins other Famousss stars who landed a role on this influential show, including Hayley LeBlancAnnie LeBlanc, and Kaylyn Slevin.

Sissy loves working on the show. She said the girls are a lot of fun. 

Sissy Sheridan’s Relationships

Sissy Sheridan has been dating Miless Despair for just under a year. 

On January 28, 2021, Sissy posted on Instagram:

“more in love with u every day. happy 5 months.”

The couple post a lot of pictures showing off their PDA. They’re still pretty hot and heavy, but you know how it goes with the Famousss. Their relationships are as hot and cold as a Katy Perry song.

Sissy Sheridan’s Rumors and Controversies 

Sissy Sheridan is a good-hearted person. Her family keeps her very grounded. So far, there are no rumors and controversies about Sissy Sheridan.

Other Notable Facts About Sissy Sheridan

Sissy Sheridan’s favorite snacks are sugary egg-white cookies known as Meringues.

Sissy is just starting to get into ASMR. She recently posted a video called: we’re finally being honest. MUKBANG FT. MIA DINOTO. Just don’t get into the drama that Zach Choi did over Mukbang!

Sissy Sheridan loves to laugh. She is really drawn to comedies. No wonder why Sissy Sheridan’s favorite TV shows include The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Friends.

Since she grew up in community theatre, Sissy is a big fan of Broadway.

Sissy Sheridan’s favorite Broadway plays include:

  • The Lion King
  • Matilda
  • Hamilton
  • Dear, Evan Hansen
  • Wicked
  • School of Rock
  • Tuck Everlasting

For Hope was a small movie that Sissy Sheridan starred in. She actually says that it was her favorite role. It pushed her outside of her comfort zone and made Sissy a better actress. 

While she loves singing and dancing, acting is her top passion. She believes that it’s what she is best at. 

Shawn Mendes is one of Sissy Sheridan’s favorites. She loves his voice and face. However, Tom Holland and Cole Sprouse are her top picks. 

Sissy Sheridan’s @itsississysheridan TikTok account has 5.3 million followers. A lot of her content is comedic or features her boyfriend Miless Despair. However, she is still a trained dancer and know how to bust a move!

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