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This French/Mexican-mix female is just another successful yet beautiful YouTuber that loves to have fun on camera. She considers herself a Boba enthusiast, Harry Potter obsessed and professional ramen eater. Her super chill vibes while streaming make her easy to watch, not to mention how sexy she is.

Julie loves FPS and RPG games, but for the past year or so, she has been mainly focussed on playing Fortnite above all and she is damn good at it. If you want to see for yourself, catch her on Twitch Monday-Friday at 1PM PST.

Not only does she post gaming videos but look out for vlogs from time to time. She is extremely popular for her Q&A videos, answering fans’ questions about herself, in a segment called “Ask Sin.”

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Julie is absolutely stunning when posing for the camera, with a mix of bright colored eye shadows, cute headbands with animal ears and the classic “duck lips” face. It’s so unfortunate she has a boyfriend.

Hope you like Fortnite, because when the game began to rise in fame, so did the amount she played. Highlights, clips, and solo gameplay/with friends is what you will mostly find on her YouTube channel but also the odd vlog.

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