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Michael Grzesiek (Born: June 2, 1994 [Age: 24]) started his streaming career under the name Meclipse, but rose to fame under the pseudonym, Shroud. Like many Twitchers, Shroud got his start playing Counter-Strike. Influenced by his father, who builds computers, Shroud was introduced to Counter-Strike at a young age.

Immediately, Shroud created a team and started playing in the CyberAthlete Amateur League (CAL) for fun. From there, he moved on to the ESEA Open Season 4. After playing 7 matches, Shroud quit Counter-Strike in fear that it was losing popularity.

His suspicions were correct. However, he got back into the Counter-Strike franchise when they released their Global Offensive franchise.

After watching Twitch users, Shroud opened his Twitch channel on November 3, 2012. He cited Summit1G as his biggest influence. While he streamed one full year without viewers, Shroud was discovered when Counter-Strike’s popularity bloomed in 2013.

Shroud has played on many teams during his streaming career. During his time he has played under the tutelage of:

  • Slow Motion
  • Exertus eSports
  • Manajuma
  • compLexity
  • Cloud9

On April 18, 2018, Shroud quit the world of competitive gaming and left Cloud 9. He still streams through his Twitch platform.

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