Shane Dawson

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Shane D-Tv



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Long Beach, California, United States

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6' 0"

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Shane Lee Yaw, is a YouTuber known as Shane Dawson. From comedy to acting to directing to music, Shane does it all. He broke many of the barriers that plagued YouTube in its earlier days.  One of those stigmas is longevity in a fast-paced world. With Shane, he has grown with the platform and is one of the few still standing.

At 19, Dawson started making YouTube videos. Beginning in 2008, the star already had a half of a billion views by 2010. These videos were typically comedy sketches where Shane would portray original characters. As he played these characters, he would make light of current celebrity fodder.

With this growth, Shane decided to release six original songs. His most popular was Superluv! Following that success, Dawson decided to launch his own podcast. He said he was inspired by Howard Stern when he started Shane and Friends. The series lasted for four years, spanning over 140 episodes.

The podcast started to take a back seat as Shane paid more attention to his film work. He released his first feature film, Not Cool in 2017. Shane ended up becoming star and director when he started the docu-series Polygon. This docu-series followed the star as he attempted to reconcile with his abusive dad. He followed up this personal docu-series with more successful endeavors including features on Jeffree Starr and Tanacon.

Following his documentary stint, Dawson released two New York Times Best-Sellers. They are titled I Hate My Selfie and It Get Worse. Riding the wave of success, Shane has created three supplemental YouTube channels. One of his most popular spin-offs covers many of the internet’s greatest conspiracy theories. These days, he only maintains the original Shane channel. With over 18 million subscribers and 4 billion views, this is where his docu-series and conspiracy videos are typically uploaded.

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