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This blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty isn’t your average Famousss star. Shalee Taylor is one-half of the King and Queen of Country Swing, along with her husband, Grant Taylor. Their @kingandqueenofcountryswing Instagram account has 139,000 followers and growing. The duo has also amassed over 10.7 million likes on their TikTok account. This 27-year-old star is line dancing her ways into her hearts, and we’re down to dip this 5-foot hottie!

Shalee Taylor’s Net Worth 

Shalee Taylor is becoming a viral sensation, but homegirl still has to hustle. She’s slowly to crack into the next echelon but still has a way to go to make bank like other Famousss stars, Charly Jordan, Anna Lore, and Emily Rinaudo. As of August 2021, the net worth of Shalee Taylor is $50,000, but it’s expected to rise. 

Shalee partners with her husband Grant to do country swing tutorials on YouTube. The King and Queen of Country Swing YouTube page has 8,200 subscribers. However, their unique content is generating a ton of views. Within months, each video garners around 5,000 views. That makes each content they upload eligible for YouTube ad revenue.

As their YouTube page grew, Shalee’s social following did, too. The @kingandqueenofcountryswing Instagram account has earned over 139,000 followers to date. As a result, Shalee is starting to work with other brands as a social media ambassador.

You can catch her repping gear for:

If you would like to collaborate with the country couple, check them out on Collabstr. They charge $920 per Instagram photo for their cheapest option. The priciest option is a TikTok and Reels combo that costs $2,875.

With their growing IG success, Shalee and Grant Taylor started taking their talents to the @kingqueencountryswing TikTok. They have over 673k followers and have earned over 10 million likes total. 

Their videos average over 100,000 views each. However, some top videos, such as their dance to What Do I Know by Robert Counts has gained over 3.2 million views to date! 

Country dancing and swing really require core strength. Shalee Taylor likes to keep that tight body fit by hitting the gym. While she is a fan of CrossFit, Shalee also works for High Fitness

Both Shalee and her sister Kelsey have an IG account together called @Highfit.sisters. They have just around 500 followers right now. You can get 10% off any High Fitness program by using their unique code SHALEE.

Shalee Taylor’s Family & Early Life

Shalee likes to keep her private life private. We don’t know much about her growing up. We do know that Shalee is extremely close to her family, especially her sister, Kelsey.

Shalee Rae grew up in Port Orange, Florida. Whenever she drives home, she loves to stop at the community board that welcomes people. She always reads the announcements, so she can reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Shalee was always an athlete. She remained active in her extracurricular activities. Her entire family was also very devoted to church services. They are devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

Upon high school graduation, Shalee Taylor attended Brigham Young University. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Communications. The star also earned a minor in Spanish. 

After, she lived abroad as part of her Misson with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Shalee spent 18 months in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Not too long after, she met her boo. The rest is history for this Famousss star!

Shalee Taylor’s Rise to Fame

Shalee never had dreams of being a big star. She just wanted to be happy, get married, and serve God. Now, she’s doing all three!

Shalee and Grant created their YouTube page on July 9, 2019. When the pandemic hit, they were thinking of ways to work from home. So, they decided to put their dancing on display on YouTube. 

The two came up with the name the King and Queen of Country Swing. They are both huge fans of British culture. So, they thought it would be a fun way to market themselves. 

The couple posted their video on Septmeber 10, 2020, called The King and Queen of Country Swing. They got hundreds of views within days. 

Since we were in the middle of a pandemic, instead of having parties like Famousss stars Blake Gray and Bryce Hall, Shalee focused on content. With time, they gained a steady following that earned Shalee a spot in the world of the Famousss. 

Shalee Taylor’s Relationships

Shalee Taylor has one true love, Grant Taylor. They met country swing dancing in downtown Provo, Utah. The two fell madly in love. Within a year, they got married at Payson, Utah Temple.

Shalee Taylor’s Rumors & Controversies

Shalee is a woman of God. It will be hard to find rumors and controversies about Shalee Taylor. However, we’ll keep you updated if things change!

Other Notable Facts About Shalee Taylor

Shalee Taylor has a private Instagram account at @shaleehtaylor

Shalee had a hard time getting used to fame. She used to read all of the comments and respond. However, the comments got very hateful. One day, Grant came home to Shalee crying on the ground. 

As she wrote on her blog,

“I never wanted to be subject to so many polluted ideas about our relationship or our marriage. And I cried. I cried my eyes raw and told my sweet husband that all I wanted to do was spread light. To spread kindness and goodness and share something we love to do.”

Whatever light she’s shining, we’re looking straight into it. Illuminate all you want, Shalee Taylor!

Her Spanish studies haven’t gotten rusty since graduation. Shalee Taylor still speaks fluent Spanish. 

Shalee Taylor is a country girl at heart. You can always find her outside wheeling, hiking, camping, or fishing. She uses this time to connect with her feelings and nature. Plus, her hubby likes the scenery. 

Shalee Taylor’s husband, Grant, used to be the mascot Cosmo Cougar for Brigham Young University. That is why he’s able to do so many fips and twirl Shalee around like it’s no problem. We’d like to give her a whirl, too! 

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