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Sebastián Yatra

Sebastián Obando Giraldo

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Medellin, Colombia

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Sebastián Obando Giraldo (born: October 15, 1994 [Age: 25]) is a Colombian singer-songwriter that is best known for his YouTube page. He performs under the pseudonym Sebastián Yatra. Yatras has amassed millions of followers and millions more in dollars.

Sebastián Yatra Early Beginnings 

The Colombian-born singer moved to Cartagena shortly after he was born. By the time he was five, Sebastián and family uprooted and stayed in Miami, Florida. This would be crucial for Sebastián’s future success as he was able to become an American citizen. However, being Miami allowed him to stay close to his Latino roots. Maintaining that connection would prove crucial to Yatra capturing the adoration of the masses.

While in Miami, Sebastián had a great childhood. His upbringing saw his parents cultivate his channels and nurture his interests. At a very young age, Sebastián took lessons in piano and guitar. He also studied vocal techniques.

In addition to music, Sebastián found balance by practicing soccer. This hobby would take him through his high school years. However, he never fell out of love with his first love, which was music.

Sebastián Yatra and Music

Yatra started writing music early in his life. By the time he was 19, the star-in-the-making was ready to release his first single. In September 2013, Sebastian dropped the hit, El psicólogo.

Almost immediately, El psicólogo was popular with Latino music fans. The single rose to the top of the charts in Yatra’s home country of Colombia. By the end of 2013, the country was very vocal about their pride in the budding star. The country even named Sebastián Yatra as the “Revelation of the Year.”

While Colombia showed Sebastián a lot of love, the star’s success wasn’t beholden to the South American country.

Sebastián’s first single also enjoyed success in:

  • Venezuela
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico

Much to his shock, Sebastián also found that he had a hit in the United States. Therefore, his music transcended all of the Americas. In his early career, Sebastián Yatra was already making moves. It was clear that the star had a very bright future. Naturally, he continued forward in search of his next big break.

Sebastián Yatra American Music 

Sebastián felt confident he was onto something with his music career when his success parlayed into the United States. El Psicólogo was given a ton of attention by American music producers. By the time they were ready to release the song in the States, it had already had a bit of a makeover.

American producers matched Sebastián up with popular Latin producers, Yhonny Atella and Ender Thomas. The twosome crafted a cut that was mixed by Tom Coynequien. Finally, the music video was shot with Colombian director, Simón Brand at the helm.

Continued Musical Success for Sebastián Yatar

With his first song being a smash, the stress for a hot sophomore single was on for Sebastián. Riding off the success of El Psicólogo, Yatar hit the road to tour with Patry Cantú. The young Colombian singer became a fixture in Cantú’s Drama Queen Tour.

During the Drama Queen Tour, Sebastián attempted to follow up on the success of El Psicólogo. His team dropped the follow-up single in Todo Lo Que Siento. While not as popular as El Psicólogo, Yatar saw continued success in the markets he already flourished. Suffice to say; this follow-up was not a complete bust. Reinvigorated, Sebastián continued thinking about the future.

In 2015, Yatar released two more singles. These both saw more success thanTodo Lo Que Siento. First, Yatar released No Me Llames. This pop ballad was a joint effort along with Alkilados. He found even more success when he released Como Mirarte. 

Sebastián Yatar Sees More Music Success

Como Mirarte proved to be a powerful hit on its first incarnation. However, producers wanted in on the action. His work was reworked by producers Kevin ADG, Dandee, and Chan El Genio. They hooked up Yatar’s vocals with Kenai to make a widely popular remix of Como Mirarte.

Now a dance music sensation, 2016 was the year Sebastián Yatra blew up. He released Traicionera. Tracicionera had a great Raggateon influence mixed in with trap EDM music. Latin Americans fell in love. In fact, this release was the first time Yarta charted in Spain and Europe. The single became double platinum in Colombia, while it reached platinum status in Ecuador.

After a brief hiatus, Sebastián came back with a vengeance. In 2019, the newly christened Trap star teamed up with Reik to release Uno Año. The song was made to honor the Venezuelan migrants who valiantly fled for a better life. It discusses the horrors of being separated from your family and pets in the wake of a tragedy. Shortly after, the star released his full-length album, Fantasia.

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