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Sami Sage – Famousss.com Sami Sage – Famousss.com

Betches Sami Sage

Samantha Fishbein Sage

Also known as

Sami Sage



Birth Place

Roslyn, New York

Birth Sign




Net Worth




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This Jewish American Princess is a Chief Creative Officer for Betches, and she’s transforming the way we look at the Famousss. Sami Sage is New York-born and bred, with the sass to back it up. This brown-haired, brown-eyed 33-year-old Aries is a comedic genius and has her finger on the pulse of breaking celebrity news trends. With 51.9k followers on her @sami Instagram, Sami Sage has become a voice of a generation, and we’re listening!

Sami Sage’s Net Worth

Sami Sage is a certified influencer for millennial women. She captures their struggles to create relatable, educational, and entertaining content. With a slow grind and a clear vision, Sami Sage has created a huge following for heself. That’s why Sami Sage has a net worth of $1,000,000.

Sami Sage is the Chief Creative Officer for the Betches publication. Betches.com gets 287k unique visitors each month. Betches specializes in celebrity gossip, namely Real Housewives, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette show recaps. She even covered Famousss star Paige Hathaway’s brief relationship with The Bachelor star Chase McNary!

The official Betches Instagram account has 7.6 million followers. This account creates and shares comedic content daily. A lot of this content surrounds common struggles millennial women face, including fuckboys, internet dating, and avoiding sexual assault. Betches helps women take back the power in their lives and change the narrative to the positive. 

Through Betches, Sami Sage helped find Shop Betches. The official @ShopBetches Instagram account has 185k followers. They sell shirts that joke about tailgating, brunch, and bad dates. Currently, the site is being revamped for an even more personalized, enjoyable shopping experience. 

Additionally, Sami Sage is a co-host on various Betches-related podcast initiatives. Betches Sup is the most popular of the podcasts. The Betches_Sup page has over 485k followers. They drop quick daily podcasts to provide the latest takes on current events. Plus, subscribers get a daily newsletter. 

The other major podcast Sami Sage hosts is Diet Starts Tomorrow. The @dietstartstomorrow Instagram page has 380k followers. This podcast pokes fun at the internal struggles women face when it comes to diet and exercise. They joke about procrastination, own who they are, and then offer advice to get out of these ruts. 

Sami Sage’s Early Life & Family 

Samantha Fishbein was born on April 10, 1989, in Roslyn, New York. This Aries is the daughter of Ilene and Dr. Benjamin Fishbein.

Sami had a very close, Jewish family upbringing. Her family was always cracking jokes and offering unsolicited advice. It was like her whole life was preparing Sami Sage to join the Famousss

Sami Sage’s Rise to Fame

Sami Sage started Betches Love This with her lifelong friends, Aleen Dreksler and Jordana Abraham, in 2011. They started this media enterprise while still enrolled at Cornell University. 

The three roommates lived in an apartment together and used their website as an outlet to entertain themselves. Originally, the entrepreneurs invested $1,500 each into this project. Now, Betches is worth over $5,000,000.

Betches transformed from a simple WordPress blog to a media sensation. They picked up a book deal, releasing popular titles like:

  • I Had A Nice Time And Other Lies
  • Nice Is Just a Place in France
  • When’s Happy Hour?

The initial point of betches was to take back the word. It was meant to embrace the sarcastic tone of being called one. While the three didn’t envision creating an empire, they felt empowered as things took off. Suddenly, Betches became the answer to bro culture. 

In time, Betches was named a top account to follow by blockbuster brands, including:

  • New York Times
  • Vogue
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Rolling Stone 

By the end of the 2010’s, all three women were named in the Forbes 30 Under 30. The only Famousss stars with this distinction, to date, are Tyler Oakley and Captainsparklez.

Sami Sage’s Relationships

Sorry, boys (and betches), Sami Sage is very taken. Sami Sage is married to Avi Sage. Avi has spent the last five years as an Investment Analyst and Investment Director for Old City Investment Partners. 

Sami met Avi when she was invited to Shabbat at the Sage household back in 2015, courtesy of Sami’s friend, Ali Sage. Sami noticed Ali’s brother but didn’t pay much mind.

As the star recalled to the New York Times,

“Ali and I joked about how he had a crush on me, and I said he’s way too young and probably too religious for me.”

At the time, Sami had just gotten out of a relationship. Plus, her own religious practices weren’t very important to her. So, she didn’t think much of the crush, even though she thought Avi was cute. 

The twosome actually bonded over their love for The Grateful Dead. 

As Avi recalled,

“That’s when I realized she was different, and I kind of liked it.”

The future couple would go to see a cover band for The Grateful Dead in 2016. The date would continue with a rooftop dinner at Salvation Tacos.

Avi Sage proposed to Samantha Fishbein on March 4, 2019. This date was the anniversary of their first date. He popped the question at the Mountain Creek ski slopes in Vernon, New Jersey. 

Avi Sage and Sami Sage got married on August 23, 2020, in Avi’s parent’s backyard. These nuptials were the makeup date for their April 14, 2020, wedding in Florida. The couple needed to reschedule their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sami Sage’s Rumors and Controversies 

Sami Sage is a Republican at heart, which many find ironic given her platform. 

She even tweeted support of President Trump getting COVID by writing,

“Just woke up to the news. So disappointing to see liberals dragging our president for getting covid. At least pay him the same respect he did to the 7 million people already suffering from it”

Twitter dragged her for this. However, the star held her head eye and continued to criticize the left in various posts. 

Other Notable Facts About Sami Sage

Grateful Dead isn’t Sami Sage’s only favorite classic rock band.

Favorite bands of Sami Sage include:

  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  • Rolling Stones
  • Led Zeppelin

As you can see in her profile picture on the Famousss, Sami Sage has a Boston terrier. Ironically, his name is Bruce Bader Ginsberg. 

Bruce Bader Ginsberg walked Avi and Sami Sage down the aisle at their wedding. The couple strolled down the aisle in front of 45 guests to The Lion King hit, The Circle of Life. 

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