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This brown-haired, brown-eyed Canadian beauty is captivating the world through her pointed commentaries and sultry lip-synchs. Sahar Dahi, or as her 3 million followers on her @saharrooo TikTok account know her, Sharrooo, is a hottie with a body that is crushing the world of the Famousss at just 21 years old. This 5’3″ Aquarius has the brains, personality, and beauty. We’re here for every bit of it!

Sahar Dahi’s Net Worth

Sahar Dahi is just starting to make a name for herself as a viral sensation. She has plenty of time to make it rain. Currently, Sahar Dahi has a net worth of $50,000. 

Sahar Dahi earns most of her income as a TikTok star. She gives hysterical relationship advice with spot-on comedic facial expressions. People are enamored by her relatability and fun content. However, they become entranced by her beauty.

As her following grows, Sahar is started to make travel content. Much of her getaways can be found on the @sahardahii Instagram account. Her 115k followers drool over her bikini shots, especially on her getaway to Puerto Rico in 2021. 

Sahar Dahi created an official Sahar Dahi YouTube page on December 5, 2020. The star already has 11.3k subscribers. Her videos gets up to 1 million views each. They have amassed over 120 million likes in total. As a result, Sahar Dahi is a regular on the FYP feed. 

Her content includes beauty tips and makeover routines. You’ll also catch her rambling on about zodiac signs. She’s a proud Aquarius but doesn’t agree with being a Taurus rising. 

Lastly, Sahar does a lot of Q&As or reaction videos to comments or DMs. The average video gets around 10,000 views. That means Sahar Dahi qualifies for YouTube ads, where she earns a decent kickback. 

In the videos, Sahar also uses skincare products. She either gets compensated or receives the products for free in exchange for promotions. 

Sahar Dahi also keeps it real on Cameo. You can request a custom video from her for just $25. She takes about three days to respond, but it’s worth it. Sahar has plenty of five-star reviews. 

One pleased customer said,

“Damn. Thank you so much your the best for just doing this for me. 😍 Your awesome. Made me feel alot better tonight”

Sahar is making people smile all over the world. We can’t wait to see what she does next. 

Sahar Dahi’s Family & Early Life 

Sahar Dahi was born and raised in Geulph, Ontario, Canada, where she still lives. She graduated from John F. Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute. 

Now, Sahar is currently enrolled in college. She is studying accounting which she admits that she hates. The star even went as far as to recommend that nobody should ever major in accounting. 

Sarah Dahi’s Rise to Fame

Sarah Dahi is just starting to make it. Her rise to fame is still sort of happening. Sarah Dahi’s following has happened slowly. She created a groundswell by just being herself. 

Sarah credits her success for her cell phone wallpaper. It used to say, “Your success is inevitable.” This hottie insists her TikTok blew up when she made this change. The star says she truly believes in the power of manifesting. 

Sarah Dahi’s Relationships

Congrats, guys. Sarah Dahi is on the market. She confessed in SPILLING THE TEA Q&A: get to know me 🙂 that she is painfully single. 

She is very open to dating. Sarah is a huge fan of chemistry. She knows within five minutes if she’s feeling a guy or not. While she likes a nice smile, a good vibe is what she looks for most. 

We will say she is into the guys that work at Cactus Club in Toronto. She would go just because she wanted some eye candy with her dinner. 

What she hates the most are cocky guys. Confidence is hot and will get her attention. However, if you act cocky, she will look the other way in a heartbeat. 

Sarah likes to get hit on. She says being told that she’s hot is a great compliment. 

Sarah Dahi’s Rumors & Controversies 

Sarah Dahi is a positve person. She doesn’t pay attention to critics or haters. All of her videos are about positivity. So, she will continue to stay away from rumors and controversies. 

However, we’re always watching those in the world of the Famousss. We’ll keep you updated about any breaking rumors and controversies about Sarah Dahi. 

Other Notable Facts About Sarah Dahi

Sarah Dahi loves Taylor Swift. She even has an inactive Twitter with the handle @swiftgirl12345.

The @swiftgirl12345 bio reads,

“Ilove taylor swift”

Sarah is just starting to travel. She didn’t do much growing up. She’s been to New York and spent a summer in Turkey. Recently, she went to Puerto Rico, so the star is expanding her horizons.

The top three places Sarah would like to visit are:

  • Los Angeles
  • Bali
  • Vancouver 

Los Angeles is high on her list because she admittedly wants to live the influencer lifestyle that many Famousss stars in LA do, like Ethan FairrDanielley Ayala, and Mystik

Sarah loves the food scene in Toronto. She names Cactus Club, Warehouse, and Demetri’s as her favorite joints. Her go-to fast food place is A&W. Sarah loves how juicy their burgers are. Her favorite is a Beyond Meat Burger with lettuce, onion, extra, ketchup, and mustard. She holds the cheese and special sauce. 

Sarah is a self-professed lover of Dasani water and doesn’t care if people judge her for its weird taste. 

If there’s a chance to upgrade her fries to sweet potato fries, Sarah is in for it!

Sarah uses her fidget spinner a lot. She dealt with anxiety as a child. As an adult, she finds using this anxiety tool to be very relaxing. 

Sarah really loves to do her nails and get shoes. Her favorite is Jordan 1s. She paid $600 for this pair!

Sarah has a good relationship with a neighborhood cat named Mylo. She loves him and feeds him whenever he comes around her yard. 

If you’d like to interact with Sarah, slide into her DMs. She happily answers people when she has time if they are nice to her. Just be careful, she might read your DMs on a YouTube video.

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