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This firey red-haired, brown-eyed model has a large following that continues to grow with time. Sabrina Lynn is well known for her bikini shots and wet t-shirt pics. Her hot content has created a rabid following of 447,000 and counting on her @itssabrinalynn Instagram account. This 23-year-old Pisces is always keeping us guessing. That’s why her star shines bright in the hall of Famousss

Sabrina Lynn’s Net Worth

Sabrina Lynn’s net worth is not currently known. She is a model and social media influencer. Most of her money comes from endorsing brands. 

Sabrina Lynn has traveled the world, modeling bikinis. You can check out her assets on full display everywhere, from Hawaii to Las Vegas

During the pandemic, Sabrina Lynn’s net worth took a hit. She was no longer free to travel to exotic locations and create content. So, she had to move away from Los Angeles and back to her hometown of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. 

During this time, Sabrina tried other ways to make money. She released a 14-month calendar around the 2020 holidays to help drive some seasonal sales. 

In Wisconsin, Sabrina worked as a bartender at The Drunken Cobra. She quickly worked her way up the ranks and became the bar manager. However, the world started reopening again. So, Sabrina hit the road and came back to LA.

Sabrina Lynn’s Early Life & Family

Sabrina Lynn was born on February 13, 1998 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. This fiery Pisces had a quiet life. 

She would hang outside, especially with the boys. A self-professed tomboy, Sabrina Lynn just got along better with the guys. 

Sabrina does have an older sister. Her sister actually witnessed Sabrina’s first kiss. Her first kiss was in kindergarten. She had a crush on a boy named Michael as a child. However, Michael was sick. So, she sat next to his best friend, Ben, on the bus. 

Ben kept making kissy faces to annoy her. Sabrina couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his face. To shut him up, she kissed him. Instead of shutting him up, the kid stood on the seat on the bus, and said he was going to tell everybody. However, he started reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” as Mackauly Culkin did in My Girl.  

When this happened, Sabrina turned around to see her horrified older sister. Her sister said she was going to tell her mom. Then on, Sabrina wasn’t allowed to co-ed parties. 

Not much is known about Sabrina Lynn’s family. She keeps her private life private, even if we’d like to pry. However, we do know that her family supports Sabrina’s dreams. 

They welcomed her home with open arms in Wisconsin when her traveling and modeling career slowed down. While she loved Wisconsin, Sabrina felt she was destined for bigger things. A life of modeling was calling, open the door to the Famousss. 

Sabrina Lynn’s Rise to Fame

The 23-year-old star has been working hard at achieving her dreams for a long time. She started her modeling career in 2016. 

It took a while for Sabrina to catch on, especially in Wisconsin. She would get headshots and shop them around. However, she would only get booked in small gigs. 

Eventually, Sabrina Lynn caught the eyes of Ci Girls Live

This modeling and talent scout agency describes themselves as, 

“Ci Girls is a small group of models from across the country who travel, explore, and create exciting content.”

They are supported by The Myscira Studios. That gives these girls a better chance of being booked in television and film roles. We’d certainly love to see Sabrina Lynn break through like other Famousss models who turned to the screen, like Kaylyn SlevinAddison Rae, and CJ “Lana” Perry

Sabrina Lynn’s Relationships

Sabrina Lynn keeps her private life to herself. However, we have it on good authority that Sabrina Lynn is single. 

She posted a meme on Facebook recently with the punchline,

“Cute tips for flirting with me 

1. Dont”

Ouch! But we wanna!

For what it’s worth, Sabrina has to deal with a lot of creepers. Many people post thirsty things on her comments. Like a pro, she just ignores the trolls. 

Sabrina Lynn’s Rumors & Controversies

There are rumors that Sabrina Lynn has dyed hair and breast implants. However, she Famousssly writes in all of her bios, 

“No Artificial Colors or Flavors.” 

Sabrina Lynn doesn’t let the limelight get to her. She keeps out of trouble and actually volunteers in her community.

So, you won’t catch too many rumors or controversies about Sabrina Lynn yet. She’s not a wild child model like other Famousss stars, like Jayce IvanahKiki Passo, and Celina Smith

Other Notable Facts About Sabrina Lynn

Sabrina Lynn has at least four tattoos. She has a design on her neck. The day she got this visible tattoo, Sabrina stated she had some other work done.

The model wrote on a Facebook story 

“Got a tattoo today! And 3 hiddens. See if you can spot the others in upcoming shoots. ;)”

We will definitely look, especially if these upcoming shoots expose your bum, like this one did!

Sabrina is a huge supporter of skate parks. She helped rally a Go Fund Me  to save a Milwaukee, Wisconsin skate park and give it repairs. The goal was $1,000. Sabrina Lynn helped them rake in $1,100 to meet the target and save the local park. 

The pandemic caused Sabrina Lynn to do a lot of drunk Amazon shopping. She admits that she bought a lot of stuff she didn’t need. Didn’t we all, Sabrina?

Sabrina is a huge Rick & Morty fan. However, she doesn’t support a spinoff about Rick Moranis spending his retirement as a gatekeeper for hell. 

With that said, her favorite cartoon characters were Betty Boop and Popeye. She admits that these shows had strong racist tones. 

Sabrina loves to eat. She even admits that she feels a little dead inside when they skip a lunch break during a photoshoot.

Purple, yellow, and mint green are her favorite colors. Her favorite underwear is purple, yellow daffodils are her favorite flower, and mint green is the color of her phone case.

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