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Roman Atwood

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Millersport, Ohio, United States

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5' 8"

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Roman Bernard Atwood (Born: May 28, 1983 [Age: 35]) is a retired  YouTube prankster. He rose to fame for a viral video where he lied to his girlfriend and told her he cheated on her. His girlfriend, now ex-wife, Brittany, lied back. She told him she cheated too. He freaked. However, Brittney knew it was a prank and started laughing. She got him. The raw vulnerability of the notorious prankster won him fans all over.

Atwood got into filming videos back in high school. He produced a DVD series dubbed The Nerd Herd he sold at the Warped Tour in 2006. Roman continued side hustles until 2010 when he created the YouTube channel, Sketch Empire. Here he explored his passion for comedy. This is where Roman honed his comedic chops and created the YouTube persona that made him famous.

Through this, Roman has turned to pranks as his main programming go-to. Filming these videos in public places has landed the star into some legal trouble. Once he pretended to rob  an ATM in public. This incident led to an arrest for inducing panic as well as disorderly conduct from the Columbus, Ohio Police Department. With a crowd of fans in court as his behalf, Atwood fought the case successfully. He won based on the fact the court deemed his video an expression of art and freedom of speech.

In early 2018, Roman and Brittney announced plans to significantly slow down video releases. This coincides as they continue to grow their family. The couple now has three. With this dedication, Roman’s YouTube page has been inactive for a while.

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