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Reza Jackson – Famousss.com Reza Jackson – Famousss.com

Reza Jackson

Reza Mousavi

Also known as

Reza Jackson, Reza Jax



Birth Place

Toronto, Canada

Birth Sign



Net Worth




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This Persian influencer is setting the world of Instagram, TikTok, and the Famousss on fire. Reza Mousavi is a model, Michael Jackson fanatic, and entrepreneur better known to the world as Reza Jackson, or Reza Jax. This 5’8″ Toronto native is the Senior Creator Marketing Specialist of #paid, a social collective that helps influencers get branding gigs. This mogul-in-the-making has 105k followers on his @reza_jax Instagram and 259.7k followers on his @rezajackson TikTok. With more paid gigs coming his way, Reza Jackson is about to be a breakout star in 2022 and among the Famousss.

Reza Jackson’s Net Worth

Reza Jackon is a smooth criminal in terms of stealing the internet’s heart. This Michael Jackson stan is set to make his most profitable year in 2022. Currently, Reza Jackon’s net worth is $250,000.

Most of Reza’s income comes as the Senior Creator Marketing Specialist for #paid. The idea behind #paid is to increase the reputability of social media influencers. They are trying to create an authentic landscape that showcases a star’s true talents, so they can create a deeper connection with their audiences.

Through #paid, Reza has directed, collaborated, or generated content with reputable companies, including:

  • Bacardi
  • Topman
  • McDonald’s (much like Famousss stars who did the Saweetie Challenge, like Talia Scott)
  • John Varvatos
  • And more

Reza is leading this initiative by example. He moved from Toronto, Ontario to Los Angeles, California in 2021. Reza brought some #paid talents with him, including Katrin Usmanova

As an influencer, Reza also reps some of the largest brands in the industry, such as:

Since coming to the States, Reza has amped up his presence in editorials. He is used in shoots with high fashion brands, including:

Additionally, Reza has partnerships with TikTok. He is a regular on their FYP feed. In turn, the @rezajackson TikTok has 7.4 million likes in total. His most popular video has over 1.5 million views:


Most of his videos are comedic lip synchs. They involve being a single Persian man looking for love. He also spoofs his parents’ love story, including his dad’s courting of his mom back in Persia. Lastly, he makes many videos that involve moonwalking, which is an homage to Michael Jackson.

Reza Jackson’s Family & Early Life

Reza Jackson was born as Reza Mousavi in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on October 22, 1989. This 32-year-old Libra has two parents that he’s very close to.

His parents met in Persia at a young age. They eventually moved to Canada, where they had Reza. This 6ix native just left Toronto in 2021. He now lives in Los Angeles, California. However, he still works with many Toronto-based businesses full-time, including #paid and Circle Events Society.

Reza Jackson’s Rise to Fame

Reza Mousavi grew up idolizing Michael Jackson. That’s why his stage name is Reza Jackson, or Reza Jax if ya nasty.

He started his career as a fitness enthusiast. Reza would keep in shape so that he could become a model. He merged these two worlds together, repping many apparel brands. 

During the pandemic, many of us turned to social media as an outlet for creative freedom. Reza started uploading himself dancing to Michael Jackson songs. People were captivated by his moves.

He then grew his following with funny lip-synchs to popular songs. Typically, the videos would have a funny caption about his inability to find love. This content really resonated with people.

Proud of his heritage, Reza started dressing up like his parents, doing side storylines about their love tale. This content further showed the humility and breadth of Reza. Eventually, Reza introduced the world to his parents. While we don’t know their names, they became viral stars in his eclectic dances. 

Reza Jackson’s Relationships

Reza Jackson is currently single. However, he is active on dating apps. While he has gone on a few dates, he says he doesn’t expect to find love on these platforms. Instead, he goes on with the intention to smash and usually gets what he’s looking for. He’s hoping to find love in a more organic way. If Reza Jackson gets in a relationship, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Reza Jackson’s Rumors and Controversies

Reza Jackson seems like a genuinely nice guy. His favorite quote is, “Dont be afraid to be yourself.” It’s hard to find dirt on someone who maintains such a positive outlook. However, if rumors about Reza Jackson start to swirl; we’ll be sure to update you here.

Other Notable Facts About Reza Jackson

Reza Jackson has immense talent. However, he also has quite a business acumen. At #paid, he helps his clients get up to 30% more of a return on investment than people get through paid social ads. He helps companies create genuinely good content that isn’t overly pitchy. Therefore, consumers are more willing to invest in the product being sold. 

Reza earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of British Columbia. Following college, he worked at Shutterstock. He would work on behalf of Shutterstock to source images to SMB and Enterprise clients. 

Reza is the Co-founder of Circle Events Society in Vancouver. This company has been around for over ten years. They are a non-governmental organization that enhances community-to-business relations. They specialize in localized ad campaigns and Google SEO strategies for small businesses. 

With Reza at the helm, they secure event sponsorships that have increased to $5,00 per event. 

They achieve these feats through:

  • Using entertainment to make a charity event
  • Advocating for the causes 
  • Creating partnerships that foster social accountability 

Reza has a dog named Chino. He loves taking her for walks and swears she will never be a dog in a stroller. 

His favorite emojis are the “see no evil” and “hear no evil” monkeys. He uses them a lot to soften sticky situations.

Getting up is rough for Reza. He makes sure to tell himself “I love myself” multiple times before getting out of bed.

Reza’s upbringing stays strong with him. He makes sure people take their shoes off as soon as they get in his house. 

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