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Byron Bernstein (born May 8, 1989 [Age 30]) used to be a competitive eSports player. These days he makes his living off his Twitch stream under the moniker, Reckful, eight hours per day. While Byron found a lot of success as eSports player, he seems to prefer the less pressure that comes with streaming your own content. This easy transition has garnered the star quite the following across all social media and streaming platforms.

Reckful Early Beginnings and World of Warcraft

Reckful first cut his teeth in the gaming world by playing the role-playing game, World of Warcraft. When the popularity of the game started to pick up, Byron began making moves. On October 8, 2012, the future star launched his YouTube page. His first upload was against Blizzard. The two shared fun banter, showing a side of Reckful’s personality that would captivate his future audiences. However, his skill set was not as refined as the eSports player would become.

As his fan base grew, Reckful started to take his playtime a bit more serious. In fact, the future star ended up ranking first place six seasons in a row for World of Warcraft. Eventually, he became the first person to get a 3000 rating in the game. All of the success in World of Warcraft culminated when the star won the Major League Gaming Tournament in 2010.

World of Warcraft is most certainly the bread-and-butter of Reckful. However, he has also been known to dabble in Asheron’s Call and Hearthstone.

Reckful Records in World of Warcraft

If you thought ending in first place for six seasons in a row, setting a 3000 rating record, and winning the 2010 Major League Gaming Tournament was enough, think again. Reckful boasts a ton of impressive records for his time playing the popular online game.

He ended in first place during the following season games:

  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7
  • Season 8
  • Season 9
  • Season 12

That’s right. After a brief hiatus out of the top spot, the star came back and reclaimed his throne in 2018. We are now looking toward the future, as is Reckful. It makes you wonder what sort of records he can set next?

Other Reckful Accomplishments

After years of dominating World of Warcraft, Reckful started to diversify his streaming portfolio. The star took center stage when he released his own movie, Reckful 3. This was a gaming movie that fits right in with the other content the star was already releasing on his highly-popular channel. With the release, Byron set a record for his YouTube page. Reckful’s movie clocked in 1 million views in just one week’s time.

After the release, Reckful continued to ride the wave of his World of Warcraft success. He entered the film into a WarcraftMovies Top-Skilled Contest. Unanimously, the star took the top honors in the contest. This win was a huge feather in the cap for Reckful as the winner was decided by votes of his gaming peers.

Reckful Business Endeavors

The streaming star struck when the iron first got hot back in 2012. As soon as his popularity started to take off, Reckful started looking into other business options. He found some success in partnering with Feenix. Byron went all-in with Feenix to develop a mouse that was beneficial for gamers, eSports players, and streamers.

Under his partnership with Feenix, Reckful became a concept designer. After the ball started rolling, he began to wear more hats. Ever the perfectionist, Reckful became an operations manager and developer.

Personal Life of Reckful  

Reckful has raked in some serious dough. Topping 1.5 million in cash, the star landed himself at #4 for top most successful streamers in 2017. To this day, he ranges around 50,000 viewers per stream.

Trying to make the most of his earnings, Reckful actually tried his hand in poker. In 2016, he entered the Unibet Open London. Unlike his gaming career, Reckful didn’t find much success in this tournament. He was knocked out in the very early stages.

With that failure, Reckful was not deterred. He expressed his love for poker by entering a charity event sponsored by PokerGO. While he got a bit further than he did in the Unibet Open London in 2016, Reckful once again came up short at the poker table.

While poker is one of his side passions, Reckful also has a knack for photography. Since a young age, the streaming star has enjoyed picking up a camera and snapping shots of whatever catches his eye. The proud photographer has even displayed some of his artwork on the website, DeviantArt. DeviantArt is a database of skins, stock photography, and avatars that businesses, social media sites, and blogs can use.

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