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Jared Knabenbauer

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Jared Knabenbauer (born August 28, 1985 [Age 33]) is a YouTube personality mostly known for his commentaries on Dungeons and Dragons. While reviews are what put Jared on the map, he also takes time to hang out on other YouTubers channels. This has done wonders for helping the man known as ProJared extend his reach.

ProJared Early Beginnings

This Green Bay-born star graduated from high school in June of 2004.  He is an alumnus of Bay Port High School. These years were formidable for the man who would become ProJared. Prior to getting in front of the camera, Jared took the stage. This future star honed his acting chops by taking improv classes.

ProJared was first bit by the comedy bug in 2001. That year, he enrolled himself in a program that he would be a part of for the better part of eight years. Jared would travel to De Pere, Wisconsin to be a member of ComedyCity. He would finally leave the troupe behind in 2009.

As any struggling improv star knows, there’s not much money in the game. To supplement his income, Jared became a Game Stop manager straight out of high school. He would hold onto this position through 2009, the same year he left ComedyCity behind.

Gaining as much as he could from ComedyCity, Jared looked toward the future. With five years in the mix of video game retail, it hit Jared. He should combine two of his primary interests to help create a career path for himself. Lo and behold, ProJared was born.

Birth of ProJared YouTube Station

The high school graduate was ready to leave retail behind. Knowing he needed to make a change somewhere, Jared uprooted from Wisconsin on down to Texas. He started to work for ScrewAttack when they were a subsidiary of FullScreen. During his time there he would edit content. Eventually, Jared would also provide reviews on incoming products. On the side, he was also the manager of their retail store, GameAttack. When Rooster Teeth took over many of FullScreen’s assets, they also brought on Jared.

In 2010, Jared started to see stock in himself. He uploaded a view to his ProJared YouTube channel (f/k/a DMJared, established in 2006). In the video, the future star reviewed the game Two Worlds. Following this immense success, Jared began reviewing motion controllers and other assorted games. ProJared branded a playlist of reviews known as One Minute Reviews, which topped over 40 videos.

NormalBoots relaunched its platform in 2014. Immediately, they looked at Jared as somebody they could market the brand around. They partnered ProJared onscreen with other famous names from the gaming world, including JonTron and PeanutButterGamer.

ProJared and Dungeons and Dragons

In 2016, ProJared took a vested interest in Dungeon and Dragons. This change in content strategy reaped many benefits for Jared and NormalBoots. Dungeons and Dragons scooped up Jared, as well as Chris Perkins, Holly Conrad, and Nathan Sharp to host Dice, Camera, Action. 

Riding the wave of this success, Dungeons and Dragons started livestreaming ProJared and Chris Perkins on their Twitch page. This success reached an all-time peak when Beamdog tapped the Dice, Camera, Action crew to voice characters in an upcoming DLC pack. ProJared and crew’s voices were featured in Baldur’s Gate.

The Fall of ProJared

In May 2019, Jared announced he was getting a divorce from his wife, Heidi O’Ferrall. At first, his wife of five years released a statement noting that the divorce was amicable. Days later, she removed her message and left a new note.

Heidi O’Ferrall stated,

“ecently learned that my husband @ProJared has been fucking @HollyConrad behind my back for months. I have no idea what announcement he just made because he blocked me”.

Following this shocking announcement, many people came forward about liaisons with ProJared. Women and young ladies said that Jared was soliciting nude photos from fans through Tumblr. The video game star was using a Tumblr handle, SinJared. In light of this scandal, it came out that some people were under 18. Furthermore, photographic evidence of wrongdoing on Jared’s behalf had surfaced.

Due to this controversy, Jared was let go by NormalBoots. Conrad and Jared were both removed from D&D Live 2019.

The controversy thickened when ProJared made a statement about his marriage. He noted that Heidi and himself had enjoyed a polyamorous relationship. ProJared announced they both had partners on the side and that his wife had encouraged this type of arrangement.

Holly Conrad also made a Twitter thread to weigh in on the situation. She noted that Heidi O’Ferrall outwardly encouraged ProJared to explore his feelings for Conrad. Conrad further dropped a bombshell, stating nothing happened due to the fact that she is asexual.

Since this controversy, Jared has been losing subscribers by the masses. However, his daily views are actually increasing. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for ProJared.

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