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Vena Excell

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Pretty Vee



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This star has many names and many business ventures. You can call her Pretty Vee, Vena E, or by her real name Vena Excell. Just like her last name, this brown-haired, brown-eyed star excels at everything she does. Whether this 5’7″ star is on Wild ‘N Out, getting 5 million followers on her @yesiamprettyvee Instagram account, or being a mogul for her electronics company, Pretty Vee has earned her spot among the Famousss.

Pretty Vee’s Net Worth

Pretty Vee has been playing the long game with her success. She’s been working hard since 2009 to make a name for herself in the show biz. As of April 2021, Pretty Vee’s net worth is $200,000.

Much like fellow Famousss star Jena Frumes, Pretty Vee’s most prominent claim to fame is being on MTV and VH1’s Wild N’ Out. She has put her rapping, comedic, and roasting chops on displayed and secured herself a recurring role since the 11th season of this highly-popular store. 

In addition, Pretty Vee’s $200,00 is supplemented by her growing businesses. Her website has two distinct stores. 

Tech Vee has affordable influencer resources, such as livestream kits and phone rings. Beauty Vee has very inexpensive products like sleep masks and makeup brush kits. 

As she told Black Enterprise,

“I want my supporters to be able to purchase a $15 brush set or a $10 speaker. I truly wanted my supporters to be able to come into my world and be able to be a part of what I am doing. If my prices are set at a luxury price I will alienate the people that have helped to make me who I am. I do not want to have an item that a working mom cannot afford or a working dad has to say I want to support but I cannot afford that right now.” 

While she makes decent money through her online store, she also gets some distribution sales. Her products are featured on Citi Trends

Also, you can catch Pretty Vee on Cameo. Her fan club continues to grow. As of April 2021, she has all five-star reviews for her videos. 

Recently, Pretty Vee was brought on as an ambassador for Luc Belaire.

Pretty Vee’s Early Life and Family

Pretty Vee was born as Vena Excell in Mami, Florida, on October 13, 1991. This Libra was born to parents of Jamaican descent.

At a young age, Pretty Vee was exposed to many cultures. She had the Latin influence of being in Miami. Plus, her Jamaican culture played a large role in her upbringing. However, her melting pot of life took even more turns when she moved to the Carolinas. 

The Miami native spent her teenage years in Columbia, South Carolina. She attended Irmo High School. After graduation, Vee and fam moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Upon graduation, she attended St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina. The starlet earned a Bachelors of Science in Communications. That’s when she started pursuing a career in comedy.

Pretty Vee’s Rise to Fame

Vena Excell is no stranger to hard work. Fresh out of school, she immersed herself into the Carolina music scene. Her first gig was an intern for V-103 in Atlanta, Georgia. She would run errands and learn the ins of the radio industry at “The People’s Station.” 

With some experience under her belt, Vee wanted to give it a go on her own. Plus, she wanted to return home. So, she got herself a job at 107.9 The Link. The Link was an adult contemporary station in the Charlotte area. 

While Pretty Vee appreciated the opportunity, this gig wasn’t what she envisioned for herself. Thankfully, she secured a gig with WAUG Power 750 AM. 

She hosted Lounge 22. On Lunge 22, she spun R&B from the ’80s and ’90s. On this side, she would supplement her dream by working at the Marriott. 

Now, Pretty Vee was finally learning who she was. During this time, she met DaBaby. He helped her create her public persona. Vena Excell was ready to show the world who Pretty Vee was. 

Pretty Vee’s Relationships

Pretty Vee has been single for a long time. However, she all but confirmed in August 2020 that she was dating Polo G. The twosome did a Martin reenactment

However, she kept posting cryptic captions to pics of them, saying, “He’s my Martin, I’m his GINA.” To be fair, that was the name of the official reenactment. However, people are still thinking they’re an item based on how cozy the two looked in stories. 

Pretty Vee’s Rumors and Controversies 

Like many Famousss stars, such as Hannah Palmer and Zach Choi, Pretty Vee has been accused of getting plastic surgery. She addressed this controversy in a now-gone Instagram story that was created in content mode:

“To people who think that I have had anything done to my face because of pictures of me with makeup on…I’m 27 years old and 100% confident with myself. (Idc what anybody else does with their body or face, but it ain’t me. It’s called gaining weight, just glowing of happiness & I’m Puerto Rican. I’ve always had big lips and proud. So, do me a favor. Don’t ever.”

While she stated she has nothing against people with plastic surgery, Pretty Vee still got dragged. People accused her of plastic surgery-shaming.

Other Notable Facts About Pretty Vee

Pretty Vee is trying to grow her brands. She recently came out with the VXL Collection. They have officially licensed Pretty Vee T-shirts and robes. 

The collections are broken up by colors:

  • Berry 
  • Grey 
  • White
  • Peach

Vee is also a reality show star. She was a member ofVH1’s Girl Cruise. This television show featured B. Simone, Mya, and Lil’ Kim.

Since, Lil’ Kim and Pretty Vee have gotten close. Kim was planning on coming out with her ninth studio album in late 2019 and then touring in 2020. The Queen Bee told Radio 103.9 that she wanted Pretty Vee to host her tour. However, the pandemic put Lil’ Kim’s 2020 tour on hold. 

Pretty Vee also has a great working relationship with B. Simone. They started working on the original series, You’re My Boooyfriend, on Zeus Network. This channel features content from the hottest viral stars. 

Pretty Vee is an advocate for #BlackLivesMatter. She is very upset about George Floyd’s passing and prayed hard for his family to gain strength in these tumultuous times. 

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